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Explore a Cold War bunker

I was introduced to the bunker in the early 90s when I was in grade school. It was fairly well known that there was a sealed bunker in the city, but there was no site specific information available. I later found out the bunker had.
AtlanticWall Regelbau Fl245 Electric Generator Bunker for Anti-Aircraft


Thank you for your images of the World War 2 bunkers. May we please have your name and email address? We would like to contact you for more information.

Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers is now open for online booking. We have a limited number of rooms available to book, so hurry up and book your stay.

Your order is 12m for the fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker in the Urbex category. Thank you, _______!

Your creepy images have been saved! Thanks for buying the professional edition of Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. Please contact us for any follow up questions or concerns.

Hi, The photo called “World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets” includes buildings that are located in Bethnal Green, East London, United Kingdom. The photo may not be an accurate representation of the building’s location, but is an excellent illustration of what life was like during the time period. Do you find this photo interesting?

Ofvlkwnw says :
Your purchase of Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII Bunkers is confirmed. We’ll send you a note when it’s ready to ship and update you on the delivery schedule.

Thank you for your purchase. We are in the process of processing your order so your bunker can be built immediately. You can use the attached link to track the progress of the quick purchase.

Manhatten Project Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers

We have been notified that you have a confirmed reservation for a fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. Our facility is both a hideout for a gangland boss and a tourist destination. You can either walk in through the front door, or sneak in the back door. To your advantage, our bunker is entirely off-grid. Hurry, spaces are limited!

Well done in choosing an Urbex in the abandoned Soviet style bunker in the city. You can fully stock your bunker for $500 or you can hunt down vintage items in the bunker for $50. The quickest pickup time is in the morning. Instructions for use, in case you accidentally find any bunkers in the city, are below the keycode.

Wow! So cool. We hope you enjoy your visit to the abandoned WWII bunker. Thank you so much for coming and sharing with us what you found. We hope the experience was a success.

You are now subscribed to the Urbex | Fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. Thank you for visiting our site. Please note that no photographs are allowed.

The images in this email are believed to be of bunkers in Belgium. The story behind this photo is unclear yet, but if you find out anything about this story contact ian at .

We regretfully inform you that your request for information on military places during WW2 with particular focus on underground bunkers has been denied.

This email confirms you have been booked for a visit with “urban explore”. You will be descending a military-grade bunker weighed by multiple pounds of C4 explosives, in a tunnel complex in a formerly top-secret underground bunker in abandoned Soviet Russia. Please review the following items for your safety:

Thanks for your interest in our genuine Soviet Bunker. This is a fully stocked abandoned Cold War Bunker where you can find all the gear you’ll need to survive a day out in the wild.

You’re in! One of our staff will meet you outside the abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker, now an urban exploration. With your trusty camera, you’ll be able to share your memories with friends and family, and broadcast your experiences on the internet.

Thanks for your interest in our Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. You should have just received an email that included the order information for your purchase. We hope you enjoy your purchase.

Thanks for signing up for the emailed tour! It was great meeting you and we’re excited to show you around some of the most interesting and unknown sites of abandoned Cold War bunker sites. Stay tuned for the email with more details on the tour and your postcards.

We’re glad you got back to us about the abandoned nuclear bunker. It’s been 60 years since the destruction of the Soviet Union, but that was a time of uncertainty for us all. It’s our hope that this site does not hide other gray and blue secrets.

Your order was successful and you’re now the proud owner of our article ‘Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers’. That article has been delivered as scheduled to your inbox. Look forward to your next purchase.

Dr Jacey says :
We hope you enjoy your time exploring the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. You can find more information about the dive at the link below. See you soon!

World War II was a dark and confusing time. Counter intelligence and secrecy was a serious matter for many people during this time. To combat this, these bunkers were built, with entrances hidden in basements, closets, cellars, storage rooms, garages, or porches.

Thank you for your order. The bunker has been fully stocked and is waiting for you. You’ll find all the tools needed to play your role. If you need further support, please contact us.

I want to explore the abandoned Cold war nuclear bunker in St. Petersburg, but I can’t do it alone. Can you participate in this group tour with me on the 2nd of September?

Palpbjt says :
Thank you for booking your stay at the Superbunker! The Superbunker is one of the most rare places in the world and we hope you’re looking forward to exploring this World War II bunker with us. Please allow time for your booking to process. We’ll be in touch with you once we confirm your booking with you!

Your trip to the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker has been confirmed. We’re working on the final details for your trip, so watch out for the email with the information you need.

World War II Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers. It has maps, stories, photos, and videos. Learn what it was like to live like a citizen in Europe during the war.

Your bunker hunt will commence as you come across a keypad near the disabled gate, which you’ll have to use to enter the property. Be careful as you explore as you may step on a land mine. What to expect: don’t expect a comfy trip. You’ll need a mask and boots for this one. Keep your camera low to the ground and you’ll be rewarded with a few

Thanks for the email! We hope you enjoy the photos of the abandoned Cold War bunkers. Let us know if you have any more questions about this tour.

We’re sorry it looks like this, your landlord is letting these bunkers lie abandoned. You can help by reporting this to the mayor.

We were so excited when we found Cold War & WWII Places: Nuclear Bunkers, but after the fourth time it didn’t show up. If you’re still looking, head back to the website and re-try. If you’re not, then don’t worry about it. It was just for show.

Preview the exclusive video offered at for experienced explorers of the World War II bunker.

Etixodbo says :
Your confirmation for this abandoned bunker seems to have been successful – thank you! You can also reserve a time for a guided tour on your newly booked spot. You can see your reservation booked on your account’s account page.

You have been accepted for a guided tour of an abandoned World War II bunker during the weekend of November 25th, from 9am to 5pm. Our tour includes a guided tour of the bunker, a group picture, a printed certificate, and a complimentary bottle of water. Please stay in touch to find out if your group is accepted.

Welcome to the Soviet interior of one of the last standing abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunkers in the northern hemisphere. The bunker will be fully stocked when you arrive with all necessary equipment for your stay.

Hi there! We’re running a series on the WWII bunkers and tunnels abandoned and photographed by Jure Leskovec and his team at the Harvard Business School. Some of these images appear in our publication called Maps and Legends.

Your walkthrough of the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker is now confirmed. Participants will be given a time limit for their walkthrough. Teams will be unable to continue with the walkthrough for a certain point during the set time. All participants must contact the host of the event to ask about an update.

The Urban Exploration Company was glad to find you and your friends in the abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker. We’re working to get these structures brought back to life through organizations like Global Cooling. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to talk to the local authorities. They should be able to help you answer any questions you may have.

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