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Explore abandoned and derelict locations

From abandoned and lost places to secret hidden places, urbex scours all of Europe for its secrets. You can read about these places and more in the Urbex Europe series.


Awesome! The opportunity to explore abandoned and lost places around Europe with you sounds too alluring to pass up. Setting up a time to explore with you sounds great.

Ipgzheei says :
Urban exploration, the exploration of abandoned buildings and forgotten sites, is an exciting hobby. We can see extreme urban decay and fascinating evidence of changes in society. A few of the things you might see are trash, graffiti

We hope to set up a meeting with you soon to further discuss your interests in abandoned and lost places. If you have any questions, please contact us at the email in the signature or reply to this email.

Safe and sound – no more ambushes! “Urban exploration” is the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned ruins or hidden components of the manmade environment.

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned places and urban exploration. Your email has been sent to a range of keen people in the urban exploration community. So far, we’ve received a fantastic response from people who would love to explore your location. We’ll keep in touch soon after we’ve spoken to a few people to want to explore your spot with you.

Thank you for your interest in Abandoned Places. We had a lot of responses, but our trips are now fully booked for Spring 2019. We hope you have safe travels and to welcome you soon.

Welcome to explore photos and the histories of abandoned places! We’d like to help you find your way around by introducing you to some of our greatest members. Just click “Sign Up” to see the list of explorer profiles to learn more about the different kinds of explorers that are already active.

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe! We’re happy to announce that you’re locked in for exploring our curated list of 27 caves, forests, beaches, and more. Take the first step below to get started.

Kpgumsg says :
Your Abandoned Places account has been created. We hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Thank you for your order. We are currently building our list of providers of abandoned sites in the UK, Europe, US, Canada & Internationally. We look forward to working with you soon.

Mkhhokn says :
Good to see you back 😄. I hope you had a great experience exploring our abandoned locations. You can come back next month to explore more of our locations on the weekends, or use the link in the email to sign up for our email list.

Thanks for sending a message to explore abandoned places and the histories of urban exploration. Receive a link to a digital library containing photos of exploration sites.

We’re so happy you’re checking out our site, one of the most visited abandoned ruins, revealed! Welcome to the spooky world of Urban Exploration! With our intrepid explorers intrepid explorers at your disposal, you get to enjoy the thrill of high adrenaline-packed adventures in search of abandoned buildings, derelict ships, or often hidden locations. Be sure to check out our blog and

You’ve taken your first step to getting into exciting abandoned sites around the world. Follow the link below to start your training course.

Your account has been created. Welcome to the world of abandoned places!

Thank you for your order. We’ve received your payment with the label ‘order number’. Your subscription includes 5 days of access to explore photos and information on Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration. We hope you enjoy exploring with us!

Thank you for your inquiry. Please be advised that we currently take requests only for abandoned buildings, bunkers, and underground locations. Please contact us with your location and we’ll work something out!

Thanks for joining us on this journey. I hope that you will be able to see the wonders that are found in these abandoned places that are often overlooked. Signing up for this is a first step into discovering something new and exciting. I would love to share my passion of urban exploration with you. See you out there!

What do you think? Tons of abandoned, decaying city parks are waiting for your adventure with us! Check out our urban exploration site at

Thanks for signing up to explore abandoned and lost places around Europe. Let’s start exploring!

Your abandoned places adventure is now confirmed for next Wednesday. Don’t forget to send a selfie to our email at the end of the excursion.


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