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Abandoned cold war bunker, urban exploration

World War II Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers.
Atlantikwall Regelbau L480 - Radar Bunker with Socket for Wassermann S Radar


Did you enjoy the blog post about the abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker? We think we captured it pretty well, we’re looking for more urban explorers to help us take it to the next level and document the lives of the inhabitants. What was your favorite part about the blog post?

Thank you for signing up for the Cold War Bunker Tour! We’re preparing to send you a custom email with more information and a link to your personalized itinerary. You can also find us at the bottom of the page and contact us to start planning your trip.

We’ve received your request, but our restrictions of the Urban Site of the Week policy prohibit us from showing you any pics or videos of the bunker, so unfortunately, your request will not be able to be confirmed.

Let’s start this tour with some photos of the old bunkers. Please enjoy the next few videos and photos of the old bunkers.

Thank you for your interest in our underground bunker. Please contact us as soon as possible to place your protection order. If you need further information, visit our website at:

Hi! Your ticket to a personal tour of a War II Bunker from the Window Time travel Agency has been confirmed. Follow the confirmation link to book your tour.

Ms Kavon says :
Awesome!  If you’re joining our World War II abandoned places  hunt with  me,  you’ll be notified when we find a bunker. ___ _ _ ___

Thank you for your inquiry. We’ll make sure to keep an eye out for any suitable bunker location in the next few months.

Your bunker is officially confirmed for April 29th at 10 AM. Please let us know if anything changes.

It’s exciting to get a Datebook sent to you. Thank you for requesting your Military places particularly underground bunker were a common thing during WW2 for secrecy as well as for protection, and we’re happy to take care of you. We expect wonderful and respected safety and preservation for your items once received and we’re glad you’re our customer!

Congratulations on the discovery of the abandoned WWII bunker! You have found it on UrbanExplorers. Please fill out this form for your tour for this site. Remember to save the form.

Thanks for your interest in our Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. You should have just received an email that included the order information for your purchase. We hope you enjoy your purchase.

Thank you for your purchase of Cold War Bunker Location. We have collected a few photos of the property for your reference. Please check out our video of the property at

Thank you for purchasing one of our Military bunker places. We’re glad to see you’re interested in further security despite you not being in the military anymore. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Worry not, it’s safe! Your nuclear bunker request is one click away.

As mentioned in our customer service guidelines, no refunds will be given after the purchase. Thank you for your purchase from Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. We at Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers hope your images turn out just as you planned.

Your bunker has been confirmed for the next day. We’ll be in touch throughout the day to coordinate arrival. Please have some snacks and water on hand. You can find more information here:

Welcome to the Soviet interior of one of the last standing abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunkers in the northern hemisphere. The bunker will be fully stocked when you arrive with all necessary equipment for your stay.

The Cold War Museum in Berlin has an exciting new exhibition for you! It includes, among other forgotten Cold War relics, roughly 200 decommissioned bunkers, many of which are located in Berlin’s city center.

After a long hike through tons of abandoned bunkers inhabited by a variety of mutants, we’ve finally found the ultimate by searching through a submarine. Don’t get too excited, we still need to get it back out of the water.

Your Urban Explorers adventure has begun! The van will be picking you up soon. Let’s get you to the abandoned World War II bunker!

Congratulations, you’ve been awarded an urban explorer discovery of a previously unknown, WWII bunker near a former US military base in Western Poland. This is a limited edition reward with a goal to raise over $1 million. Act now to claim your discovery!

Thank you for your interest in nuclear bunkers from the Cold War and WW2 era. There are quite a few places one can find these bunkers, but Havana, Cuba is quite popular. is one of the farthest domains to ever go up for sale. We are looking for someone that shares our passion to own this domain name. We are live currently on the market. Will you be the one to own the domain name?

We hope you enjoy exploring abandoned cold war nuclear bunkers. Our team is here to help, but first let us know what you’ve found. Keep an eye out for our next urban excursion.

We really hope you like this tour! Please take the time to enjoy the following pages of high quality photos of abandoned Cold War bunker sites around the world. Let us know what you think!

As seen in the photo, the bunkers were built in the World War 2. The story behind these bunkers is left unanswered.

We hope you will find the information on the Cold War and WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers website helpful. If you ever need anything, please reach out to our customer service team.

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