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Cold War bunker sites in Europe

The concept of secret refuge areas was introduced during the early years of World War II. A refuge is an area made up of bunkers, tunnels, caverns, or hideouts. These hideouts are used to collectively shelter, hide, and protect themselves from persecution, danger, or damage.


Your reservation to explore abandoned nuclear bunkers in the Cold War & WW2 places is confirmed!

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Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers is now open for online booking. We have a limited number of rooms available to book, so hurry up and book your stay.

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Would you be interested in exploring something uniquely amazing? The abandoned nuclear bunker from the Cold War is available for exploration. If you decide to take this on, it will be a safe and memorable experience. We’ll put you in contact with the right people who will take care of getting you in and out, and you’re going to have a blast.

We hope you enjoy our latest article. We recently published stories documenting World War 2 bunkers that are being uncovered under Europe’s Streets. Please visit the article here

Are you interested in exploring one of the world’s best-kept secrets? We’ll email you the address of the entrance to this abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker.

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Mkvvzsf says :
World War II bunkers in what was once a crowded city street. Now abandoned, frozen in time, these tunnels are being frozen under Europe streets by resurfacing work.

We were saddened to learn of the location of the Nazi nuclear bunkers.

On Tue Jan 31, Ed and the team at Urban Explorers Discover Hidden World War II Bunker will be exploring an abandoned World War II bunker in the forest near the lake. Three walk-in pits and a network of tunnels, two training rooms and a fully functional 80 ft. underground water system will be revealed.

You have confirmed your interest in exploring a Cold War nuclear bunker underground. Please confirm your intention by clicking the ‘I’m In’ button at the bottom of this email. When you’re ready to meet, click the β€˜Confirm meeting location’ button.

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Interested in a photographic adventure? Listen to what historic Cold War bunker sites in FR Germany have to say about the events of the Cold War. Upon confirmation of your purchase, we will provide you with a pdf of the guidebook for this trip through the History of the Cold War.

Have fun exploring our bunker! We hope you get to know the area and participate in your 10% discount for finding 3 other members to help you. We’re always looking for interesting ways to improve this place, so if you have any feedback, we’re all ears.

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The bunker you selected, Haverhill Victory Great War Bunker, has been secured for your protection. Any inquiries can be sent to our customer service team.

Thanks for your interest in the abandoned bunker. The Berlin club is mostly full, but we can put you on our list for this spring. We hope you found the bunker experience interesting and worth participating in.

Wwrursdb says :
Send your email below to get more information on the photographic tour of abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites in Eastern Europe.

Ms Velda says :
We’ve received your application for involving to the Cold War and WW2 nuclear bunkers and we received your request for e-visa. Please follow the instructions below:

Hello! Thank you for signing up for our Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites. It’s so exciting to get started. There are so many hidden treasures in social media these days! For your tour, we will be sending you an email every day of the tour so you know what to expect.

Hi there! We can’t wait to hear back from you. Your Cold War bunker tour is now just 10% away from being complete. Let us know about any ideas, questions, or if you’d like to give us feedback on what you think about the tour. If you’ve decided to pass, let us know about your decision. We’ll make sure to notify you when the tour is available

Hi there. We’re so excited for you to explore our urban exploration site that we think you’ve found. This area is very high risk (like atomic bomb-like risk) and it’s not open to the public. The property owner won’t know you’re here, but the bunker could still be unsafe.

Our Urban Explorers team is exploring a World War II Bunker in Rotterdam and we want you to be there with us! Our mission: to explore and experience the world through their Instagram accounts @urban_explorers and sharing their experiences with us and the world.

“Hi, very exciting meeting you today. This will be the first disclosure to the world of this old underground Cold War-era bunker. We can’t wait to see what comes next.”

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