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Russian abandoned nuclear bunker.

The images show World War 2 bunkers still abandoned under European Streets.
Atlantikwall Regelbau L480 - Radar Bunker with Socket for Wassermann S Radar


Would you like to find out more about Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites while enjoying your photographic tour? Please click on the link below to learn more.

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We’re sorry it looks like this, your landlord is letting these bunkers lie abandoned. You can help by reporting this to the mayor.

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Thank you for your interest in the Soviet era Cold War era Bunker, abandoned since the end of the Cold War in 1989. Your request was received. You can find info about accessing the bunker via the links below.

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Here are some interesting images that are part of WW2 bunkers that are being filled in by cities around Western Europe. Let us know if you have any others to share.

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Your images show World War II bunkers that have been left abandoned under Europe Streets. It was great meeting you.

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Your confirmation for this abandoned bunker seems to have been successful – thank you! You can also reserve a time for a guided tour on your newly booked spot. You can see your reservation booked on your account’s account page.

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We were saddened to learn of the location of the Nazi nuclear bunkers.

You actually got your bunkers, bravo! If you want to see what it would take to clean up the place, watch the video for possible solutions.

We have a special day planned for today – a beautiful drive to a beautiful location. We hope you enjoy this photogenic tour through the abandoned Cold War bunker sites of a once-secret Soviet army listening station.

Thanks for choosing to visit a Cold War and WW2-era nuclear bunker. We’re glad you’re a part of our research. Our doors will open for you at 7pm sharp. As a courtesy, we’ve provided a time frame for you to get here to the bunker. Please read the directory carefully. This confidential map is also available to download.

Thank you for your inquiry about the abandoned Cold War & WW2 places: Nuclear bunkers. One of our specialists will contact you soon to answer any questions you may have about your proposed Cold War & WW2 places: Nuclear bunkers project.

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