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Cold War Bunkers were built between 1962

A documentary about the people who visited the sites of World War II-era bunkers.
Atlantikwall Regelbau 639 - Sanitary Bunker, Hospital Bunker, Medical Bunker From World War 2


Anarft says :
Did the Nazis really build a secret underground bunker in Berlin? There’s no truth to this rumor, but until now I never knew what this hidden Nazi secret really was.

Your purchase has been confirmed. Your tickets to take a tour of a World War II bunker have been sent. Now excited to take the tour!

We’re sorry to hear that you’re in the military. The United States Federal Government has been protecting the United States from terrorists and other criminal attacks since the attacks in 2001 in a variety of ways. One way in which the federal government has been protecting our country in recent years is by placing a number of underground bunkers in South Dakota, which is heavily inhabited.

We heard there was a war going on in your bunker…? Ok, let’s talk about the experience you’re having. Feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re here to help.

Your order is part of our Underground Bunker program. Expect your order within 4 to 6 weeks.

This email is to provide you with your “key” to the Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker. If you’ve already received your key, please disregard this email. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your order! Your Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers is confirmed. You can expect shipping with in 7 to 10 days.

Your adventure has begun. Your Urbex date has been confirmed and your fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker has been booked. Look for a confirmation email from 10am today.

Here’s a quick note about your order. Your bunker contains weapons, clothing, food, drink, ammunition, and more for 1-2 people. All of these items are fully stocked. The bunker will be located near a Soviet military base.

The site contains maps and self-guided tours of military and industrial sites from World War II. You should explore more than bunkers and explore military and industrial World War II history.

Thank you for choosing our specially crafted bunker to hide during the apocalypse. We’ll send you the extra building supplies you’ll need to make our shelter perfect.

Thank you for your interest in the World War II bunker that is abandoned. For a full list of Escape Deals, please head on over to our website.

Thank you for your interest in exploring our Urbex adventure. We are happy to send you more info on the abandoned bunker. P.S. please read our 3 Hour Rule before you sign up.

The bunker is now available and confirmed for your reservdation. We’ve sent you a confirmation email with all the details about making your travel arrangements. You can contact us at the email below if you have any questions.

Dr Jacey says :
You have purchased a license on Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. This is not an agreement on the final resolution on the images. If you have any questions, please contact us at the email in the signature, or hit reply to this email.

It sounds like an amazing experience! We hope you have a great time exploring the cold war nuclear bunker. Though, please be aware that urban exploration requires proper training.

Wwrursdb says :
Great! We’re glad to hear that you want to explore the abandoned Poland-Ukraine Cold War nuclear bunker. The date and time of the trip has been set. Please contact us for any additional details.

We’re sorry to hear that the US Government is renting out the space where your bunker is at. We certainly empathize with your plight. Please contact our account team at the email in the signature to see what options might be available.

Let’s go on an adventure at the abandoned WWII bunker in Toronto!

It is the ultimate in durability. Those who build the bunkers are familiar with the term “tough as nails.” This email is to confirm that your order has been successfully submitted to be delivered to your doorstep. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Your guide is ready for your tour! If you’d like to schedule a tour, you can schedule a meet on our site or on our app. You can also schedule on our Facebook page – Cold War Bunker on Facebook. We hope to see you on the tour!

Thank you for your purchase of the beautiful, fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War bunker. Please be patient while it’s being constructed. We anticipate its completion in about 6 months.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the process of creating the Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers, just click on the “contact us” link below.

If you’re interested in a tour to a Cold War & WW2 Site, Nuclear Bunker, Abandoned Factory where you can see a lot of movie scenes for just $30, please click here to sign up for a booking. You can also check out this post to see what is similar, and click the link to subscribe for a notification when new tours are posted.

We created an adventure for you to explore something out of the ordinary. Great opportunity for your exploration, you can plan what you want to do on your audio tour inside the bunker. It’s more than just images, it’s an audio tour, so you enjoy it even more.

Great to hear! Your request has been accepted. The bunker will be held for you when you decide to check in. Hope the bunker is well suited to your needs and wait for you inside.

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