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Escape the ordinary with the underground bunker.

World War II Abandoned Places explores beautifully restored bunkers, villages, villages, airfields, airfields, railroads, forests, forests, factories, factories, cemeteries, cemeteries, churches, churches, war museums,.


Congratulations on the discovery of the abandoned WWII bunker! You have found it on UrbanExplorers. Please fill out this form for your tour for this site. Remember to save the form.

Hi there! We’re so happy to hear that you’re interested in exploring the abandoned nuclear bunker. We’re sending you an email with all the details.

Your photo-guided tour of abandoned Cold War bunkers has been submitted. Thanks for using Istagram! It’s great to see your photos. We can’t wait to see what else you create on Instagram.

Sorry to hear that your grandma is being so hard on you πŸ˜‰ We hope she takes steps to have a smoother relationship with you soon. We have great news, though. We can help you get into that bunker, for a fraction of the normal cost. Your grandparent should contact us immediately, this offer may be too late!

Wmuegon says :
The article you’re looking for is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience. Want to still read about abandoned World War 2 bunkers? Click here.

Thank you for confirming that you’ve seen the World War 2 bunkers in Europe. I’m sorry to hear that they were in such poor condition. We will let the government know about the issue.

Your bunker order has been confirmed. We’ll send you a note when we’re ready to ship and update you on the delivery schedule.

We have just sent you an info email about a photographic tour of abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites. If you have not yet received the email, please check your spam or contact us right away.

We hope you had a pleasant exploration at the bunker. Welcome to start exploring other abandoned worlds.

Thank you for your order. Your book images show World War 2 bunkers abandoned under Europe Streets. Give us a call: 866-942-7167, and we’ll help you get started on your blueprint.

Your guide is ready for your tour! If you’d like to schedule a tour, you can schedule a meet on our site or on our app. You can also schedule on our Facebook page – Cold War Bunker on Facebook. We hope to see you on the tour!

Etixodbo says :
Awesome! You’re now on your way to exploring the abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker. Make sure to keep an eye out for radioactive sites for your safety. Stay tuned for updates through email, newsletter, and social media.

Thank you for your visit to the Abandoned World War II Bunker.  The tour is now over.  If you want a similar experience  with a difference, visit a  distillery  in the  City Of  Troy  for a  unique,  unique experience

Thank you for your order from the South Carolina Bunker Company. We will put your order on a priority shipment as soon as possible.

I had to stop some visitors from entering some bunkers, but they are on my β€˜Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places’ list. I’m confused, I haven’t received any email to buy tickets or requesting specific places to be approved.

Your journey is now complete. Please click on the image below to explore what’s inside this historic bunker.

Hi. Images show World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets. Would you like the article to be removed?

You’ve made it to the bunker! Now take a moment and explore. The doorways and windows here are filled with history and we hope you enjoy getting to know what’s hidden behind and below the surface.

Haunting images of Abandoned WWII bunkers

Thanks for your purchase! It’s great to see your interest in abandoned military bunkers. Enjoy your tour of other worldly, yet otherworldly places.

Congratulations, you’ve been selected to Explore the Interior of an Abandoned World War II Bunker! Your personal interior design consultant is ready to give you this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Sign up below to join our explorer community.

Thank you for reaching out to us at Uneena. We understand your concerns and support your army. Please provide the following information for your bunker:

Lucky you! You’ve found some amazing memories to trace your family lineage through. These bunkers were dug for protection during WWII, and were finally buried by the 20th century. We hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚

Your walkthrough of the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker is now confirmed. Participants will be given a time limit for their walkthrough. Teams will be unable to continue with the walkthrough for a certain point during the set time. All participants must contact the host of the event to ask about an update.

Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker Urban Exploration is a social exploration game. Your goal is to explore abandoned ruins in urbanized areas. All players will be able to explore the game’s stunning new environment.

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