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Abandoned Cold War places: Nuclear bunkers

During the Second World War, the United States Army constructed over 5,000 concrete underground bunkers near Japan’s shoreline. Many were left behind when the war was over. In Japan, these bunkers are called “hell houses,” so you might refer to them as “Hell”: the bunkers, the feeling of being alone in their surroundings, and the terror of being trapped in a living tomb.


Okay, but let’s take a moment to be clear on this photograph you shared. I’ve seen it before. This structure appears to be one of the underground bunkers left in the battlefields in Europe that are still there today. Now, I know you said that you are interested in finding unique things to photograph in Europe, but it doesn’t make sense to photograph the same thing in every single

This is a mailing to let you know about a special trip created by Urban Explorers. Urban Explorers have never been to a Bunker before and they want you to experience the height of this trip together with them! Make sure to click on the confirmation email to see all the details of this offer.

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Our images show 2 abandoned bunkers from World War 2 that occasionally become exposed by urban development projects. The images can be found here.

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Thank you for visiting our Cold War & WW2 Places site. We wanted to share a map with you that showcases the abandoned bunkers in the region. You can find this map at the bottom of the page. In these locations, you may find a Cold War or WW2 artifact.

The bunker is located in the American Sector in Berlin. Due to the United States and Soviet Union’s uneasy alliance in World War II, we’re pleased to know that you and your family members will be in the safety and in the strongest and deepest-reserved in Berlin in your bunker. Please contact our office in order to get the documents and help build the bunker. Have a good day.

The nuclear bunker has been abandoned for decades. Since WW2, this abandoned urban exploration site has been sealed. With the Cold War long forgotten, the whole site is currently unprotected. Beyond the inaccessible entrance, the military-laced hush-hush site is mostly intact, thus giving explorers an expansive view of militarism during the Cold War.

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You’ve made it to an exciting list of World War II starships, bases, and bunkers. Keep exploring for more ex-civilian sites.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of the most unique (and spooky) places on earth! Your day trip to the World War II bunker is on Friday, October 5th. You will need to meet at the front entrance by 7 AM sharp. Please check your confirmation email for your passport and ID information, including a map and directions.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. We’ve recently found some records that there might be a bunker near you. If you believe that you might be close to a bunker, please complete this form and we will be able to better assess the situation and retrieve the information on the bunker and help you protect yourselves.

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