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Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers

From world-renowned watchmaking company, Patek Philippe watch shows off low production numbers in an abandoned US military-owned bunker below Lake Superior.
AtlanticWall Regelbau FL244 Fire Control Post Command bunker for heavy Flak Anti Aircraft battery


Your on-line photography tour of American Cold War bunkers has been sent. It contains all the information on our previous payment. All the photos on all the pages on the link you received are included.

Thanks for posting and sharing your photos. These photos show a World War II bunker in Europe. Why do you think the bunkers were abandoned?

Your photo tour of abandoned Cold War bunker sites is commencing in 1 hour. Please tune in.

hanescot says :
Thank you for your interest! We’ve received your email regarding the Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker. Your message has been forwarded to the right owner.

Kpgumsg says :
What a beautiful sight! The images you sent us did a great job of capturing a panoramic view of a site in a WWII bunker in a European city. We love how you took the time to get detailed shots to catch all of the details. Please keep shooting, our eyes are always on lookout for other abandoned sites. You’ll be sure to get a trip for this!

As a matter of fact, the bunker was used located at Aviator, NY during WW2. You can find our article about it here:

We’re excited to send you the following information for this Urban Explorers Explore Abandoned World War II Bunker:

Thanks for buying the Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers! Your download is now being prepared. Just follow the prompts to download now.

Your bunker placement has been confirmed. Please prepare for your bunker placement to be completed soon.

Your request for a Military Place has been approved. That means the bunker was validated for secrecy and protection. We will be in touch when it’s closer to your visit.

Do you ever wonder about the stories of the World War II bunkers that lie beneath the streets of Europe’s busy cities?

This is the email we hope we never have to send. If you’ve found and entered an abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker, we’re pretty sure that you know what you’re doing and you’re savvy with safety precautions. But, if you don’t, we’re urging you to leave the area. We’ll be checking with the EPA and local authorities to see what we can do to help, as

That’s awesome. I’m so interested in adding this bunker to my itinerary. We have a few updates to your reservation, please take a look.

Dive into the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker in Moscow, Russia! Room One: 4-6 people. Room Two: 2-3 people. Room Three: 2-3 people.

We’re stoked to show you the bunker. Please fill out the address below where you’ll find your key. We get an hour’s notice before we start exploring. Include what you need, the number of people, and what you’re looking for. Once we’ve agreed on what you need, we’ll let you know it’s on the way! Or if you need more time, message us back

I’m pleased to let you know that the location near the abandoned Cold War Bunker in Uzhgorod, has been confirmed by our team. You can expect to find what remains of this bunker to be in relatively good shape, though some areas look slightly abandoned. Just so you know, the bunker is completely drained of water, so some areas could feel damp.

Congrats! You’ve found an abandoned cold war nuclear bunker, ikea! ikea was abandoned when the Soviet Union fell, and after that it became one of those beautiful viral memes that we’ll always need.

You have purchased a haunted War Bunker. Enjoy the ghostly sounds of fading voices and the ethereal slant of a dark shadow. When you’re done, hit the pull down to return to the carousel.

The bunker is a natural extension of your estate. Please let Angela know if you have any questions or concerns about your bunker, she’ll be happy to help. Thank you for your order.

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Don’t miss a chance to see a rarely available photographic tour of abandoned Cold War bunker sites in Eastern Europe. This limited offer features eight well-known European bunkers and gives access to a selection of pictures that were taken by the photographer during his field trip through the region. Just click below to get your ticket.

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Urbex | Fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker has been submitted to the website. Thank you for visiting our site and have a great day.

Here’s our final trip report for bunker #27! Here’s a map of the area, though it will be dark when we get there at night. We’ll visit when the sun goes down. Is weather when we leave in the forecast?

It’s exciting to get a Datebook sent to you. Thank you for requesting your Military places particularly underground bunker were a common thing during WW2 for secrecy as well as for protection, and we’re happy to take care of you. We expect wonderful and respected safety and preservation for your items once received and we’re glad you’re our customer!

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Thank you for your order. We like to keep it short and sweet, so here’s the deal: “More than Bunkers” explores abandoned towns, abandoned airports, and abandoned military bases, all of which are still teeming with life.

Thank you for your interest in our recent story on WWII bunkers in Europe. We’ve been advised by our publisher that the images you have been emailed are no longer so we have been forced to provide a refund.

Your order for a trip to a Cold War nuclear bunker is being prepared for shipment. Track your shipment to see the delivery status.

We hope you enjoyed exploring this abandoned Soviet Cold War bunker. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at [email protected] or send a demand letter.

Thank you for your order! Your bunker has been reserved for you to bunker down. We hope you enjoy your stay.

kubkory says :
You’re not alone! You’re now part of a growing community of people who love Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers.

A truly amazing experience awaits you with Urban Explorers! We can hardly believe you’re just waiting for us to open the door to this abandoned World War II bunker. We will be looking for you on the west side of the building near the entrance during our meeting time.

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