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Bunker is now an urban exploration site

Enter the world’s safest bunker that’s been turned into a cutting edge urban exploration center. With a staff that’s been specially trained for this, our team guarantees safety and a party to remember.


Thanks for your interest in our site! We hope you enjoy exploring our abandoned bunker.

Thank you for securing the photographic tour of the abandoned Cold War bunker sites. The tour is set to be released in a few months and we’ll send you an email then with a link and more information.

The Urban Explorers are pleased to announce the discovery of the best discovery ever! The company is headed to the bunker to investigate claims that it may be an abandoned WWII “safe room.” We’ll send an update when they’ve found out more details.

We hope you enjoy your visits to the WW2 bunker. Please return frequently to explore this remote location. It’s one of the most rare and hidden places on earth.

Your booking for the Urban Explorers Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker has been accepted. See you soon.

Thanks for checking out these WW2 bunker photos! But, what you don’t see is the story that goes with them. A soldier named Baldomero Ruiz hid in the bunkers with his family. After escaping the blockade, Baldomero had his family, documents, and more stuffed into these bunkers for protection. He was eventually rescued by the French Resistance.

You’re on an email list called “A Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites”. We hope you find that we’re some of the best photographers around. We’ve put together an exclusive photo package for some of the members of our list. Would you like to order one?

It is the ultimate in durability. Those who build the bunkers are familiar with the term “tough as nails.” This email is to confirm that your order has been successfully submitted to be delivered to your doorstep. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your order! Your Haunting Images of WWII bunkers prints are on their way, just be patient until your order ships out.

This is a strange email 😱. It’s not our email server sending it to you, it’s actually a strange person manipulating an email server and sending this to random people. Anyways, what’s going on is that this photo is showing old bunkers in Europe that do in fact lie abandoned and uncharted. There’s a clear social and political agenda in the image and we want to be

The City is now LIVE 😊 The Bunker is yours to explore! Join us in the Bunker for this exclusive experience. Only 50 available spots. Please go to for more details.

Great to meet you. I’m so happy we added you as a fan on Instagram to explore the world with us. I look forward to seeing what you share about our beautiful Bunkers. I hope you’re having a nice day!

Thank you for your order! The bunker is now fully stocked and ready for your explorations. We’ll send you a note when we’re ready to ship and update you on the delivery schedule.

Your order is confirmed for history book World War II Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers. Expect this book to start shipping in early April. We will send you another message when your shipment is on the way so you can track its progress.

These fascinating photos from a WWII bunker from a haunting abandoned images of abandoned WWII bunkers have been saved to your account. We hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for buying the Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers! Your download is now being prepared. Just follow the prompts to download now.

A Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites

We have a full stock of provisions in the bunker. Due to the uncertainty of the weather, there is a chance that God will descend from the sky and bring prosperity to the people of Siberia!

That’s right. . . this bunker was built to hold the US President in the event of a nuclear war, so you know it’s legit. Only three military bunkers in the USA were ever designed and constructed as such, and we have one of them exclusively on offer for you on right now.

Thank you for your interest in an abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. Our lead buyer has selected this site to be discussed at our next meeting. Please send us the dates you are available to walk over the location and brief us on what it looks like.

Your Urbex package has arrived! Feel free to explore our fully stocked Cold War bunker. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Extraordinary Historical Value – World War II Bunker

Thanks for your interest in the Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we won’t be able to make a decision on a date for a tour of the site anytime soon. We ask for your patience and understanding, but we promise your wait will be worth it. Thanks again for your interest.

You’ve reached the Soviet Bunker! Home to a fully stocked and operational bunker, plundered by the locals and left for this lucky person to explore and document. After 2,000 years and 100 years of silence, the time has come for your group to live this adventure.

We’re excited to send you the following information for this Urban Explorers Explore Abandoned World War II Bunker:

Thank you for purchasing Urbex | Totally Stocked Abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. Moving right along with your purchase, all of our goods will arrive to you in three weeks. You can confirm delivery using the tracking information below.

Hi! I hope you’re doing well. Your interest in World War II Abandoned Places made you a perfect candidate for World War II Abandoned Places: More Than Bunker. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hello! Please note that World War II Abandoned Places does not explore Nazi bunkers exclusively. In the coming months, your next guided privilege will be unlocked.

Thank you for your interest in the abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker! Your email has been successfully submitted for this tour. We’ll contact you again soon to schedule your tour.

Thank you for choosing to explore abandoned cold war nuclear bunker. We hope you will discover the rich history and history-making within. Your tour guide is on their way, so we’ll see you soon.

It looks like you’re interested in the Urban Explorers Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker. We’re super excited you’re joining us! You can access our events page and sign up for the next event here:

Contact us ASAP to book your fully-stocked, abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker.

Thank you for your interest in the bunker. We hope you enjoy exploring the structures within the abandoned bunker. Further questions, please contact us at the email in the signature, or hit reply to this email.

Thank you for joining us on this expedition. We’re looking forward to exploring bunkers and other abandoned places in WWII!

We hope you enjoy exploring our abandoned nuclear bunker! If you want more city exploration on your city, you can use any of our accounts to explore more.

Hi Mr. Christopher, thank you for visiting! The bunker has been fully stocked and is waiting for you. Please follow the instructions to activate your key code. Excited to exploring the bunker with you.

Great! We’re glad to hear that you want to explore the abandoned Poland-Ukraine Cold War nuclear bunker. The date and time of the trip has been set. Please contact us for any additional details.

Thank you for purchasing your fully stocked Soviet Bunker. We’re glad to finally say UR-NESS. We will be in touch with you soon to set up setup meeting times.

I am currently on a trip to the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker in Rostov-on-Don. This place is huge and the gear is amazing!

Your bunker has now been successfully erected. This email will also serve as an update on your appointment for this week.

Your bunker adventure has been approved! We’ll send you a note with a pickup time within 24 hours. Thank you for choosing Urban Explorers.

Thank you for your reservation! Below are the details of your check-in for the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. Please make sure to RSVP here.

You’re on the list! Thanks for supporting our Cold War & WW2 Places project by taking the survey. We will contact you shortly about how your proposed WW2 bunker location is doing.

Congratulations! You have been invited to purchase a House Hunters International subscription with access to thousands of abandoned Cold War bunkers from around the world. In this way, you will be ingrained with the established trust of House Hunters brand of buyers and sellers of abandoned properties.

Simply enter your email below to gain access to the bunker site. Your username is your email address unless you’ve chosen a custom username. Please contact us for help using the bunker.

Jbsmwwde says :
Thank you for submitting your photo to Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. As soon as the photo is published, you can expect it to be available on our various media channels.

Thank you for purchasing the potential Urbex experience. We are happy to report that the bunker is still fully stocked with a variety of Soviet military gear and ammunition. We hope you’ll enjoy meeting your new friends in what was once a Soviet controlled bunker.

Loxobar says :
So you have purchased A Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites. To get your access, please click ” Get inside your copy ” below. You can also read our best practices guide here.

Thank you for your purchase! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll be receiving:

You actually got your bunkers, bravo! If you want to see what it would take to clean up the place, watch the video for possible solutions.


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