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Bunker contains rare, vintage and rare items

Abandoned Cold War Bunker – Explore Urban Exploration.
AtlanticWall Regelbau Fl246 - Ammunition depot for heavy Flak Battery


Military places particularly underground bunker were a common thing during WW2 for secrecy as well as for protection. Welcome to, your ultimate guide to surviving the apocalypse.

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We’re sorry to hear that the Bunker is empty :(. We hope you enjoyed your time in there. If you’re looking for other unusual adventure spots in the city, please check out our other listings.

The abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker near New York has been found. Urban exploration team lead by Max Munch discovered the bomb shelter in the woods. They were looking for the bomb shelter when the bomb shelter came to them.

Amazing! We found some nuclear bunkers that barely anyone knows about! Join us for a behind the scenes look at the world’s last Cold War weapons.

As a special offer, we have a few nuclear bunkers available in the former Eastern Bloc. Ok, not really, but if you wanted to search for a few abandoned bunkers, we’d be happy to send you a few. You can find more information on the locations of the abandoned bunkers from the listing below. Let us know if you have any questions.

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Qvroshv says :
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The bunker is located in the American Sector in Berlin. Due to the United States and Soviet Union’s uneasy alliance in World War II, we’re pleased to know that you and your family members will be in the safety and in the strongest and deepest-reserved in Berlin in your bunker. Please contact our office in order to get the documents and help build the bunker. Have a good day.

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Would you like to go on an adventure in an abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker? Want to explore what could be left behind by the soldiers that used to live, eat, and sleep in this Bunker? Well, you’re in luck. This Week’s Explorer Bunker is all yours to explore. Hit reply to take the first step.

Enjoy a Photo Tour of a Cold War Bunker, a secret passage to a nearby cellars, and much more! You’ll receive a link to download the tour as soon as it is ready.

Haunting Photos of Abandoned WWII Bunkers. See the full set at

We all know how dangerous it can be nowadays. But we also know how important it is to find the hidden remains of the past. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our new Cold War and WW2 Places: Abandoned Nuclear Bunkers. Text your friends and family to help point them out to claim a share of the reward!

Thank you for the valuable order. Please note that this order is for a general investigation of WWII history, not a prison site or a bunker.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about the process of creating the Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers, just click on the “contact us” link below.

Our lead guy is on site and will help you with getting into the bunker. Please reply with confirmation on your outbound flight details.

Hello, we’re excited to share with you that we’ve purchased an abandoned Soviet-era Cold War Bunker. Once we complete renovation, we’ll be able to share photos and videos of it on our website. For now, we’ll make the unique, cool or unique experience of visiting unique, cool or unique locations of your choosing.

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