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Explore abandoned places and urban exploration.

Urban exploration is the exploration of buildings or structures that have been abandoned and forgotten. The hobby goes by many names such as Urbex or “urban exploring.”.


Your tour with Europe’s most thrilling adventure company begins with the discovery of an abandoned prison! Police caused avalanches to seal off entrances. It is now abandoned and not safe for visitors. Make sure to keep an eye out for any clues of its former inmates.

Would you like to see abandoned penthouses around the globe? You can work on your own time or join our live study trips, where we offer workshops and lectures about the history of Urban Exploration. For more information, visit our website any time at

Urban exploration is a type of exploration which often takes place in abandoned buildings, usually those with a derelict or ruined state.

You’ll find more abandoned places of the world here. Start exploring!

That’s what we like to call it… Urban exploration. Don’t forget to share your photos of the abandoned wonder of the world with the world. We hope you had a blast exploring these structures with your friends.

Thanks for your interest in developing an abandoned places project! Your submission has been accepted. You will now be able to submit additional facts about the old building. Happy exploring!

Your trip is confirmed. Here’s the itinerary for Day 1 of your unique adventure:

  • * Exchange your ID for an overnight permit of the night

    • * Visit an abandoned Soviet factory
    • * Go on an urban exploration of the old city</strong

Our urban exploration course focuses on exploring and photographing abandoned and hidden locations. Experience the hidden places and abandoned structures of the world and create amazing and engaging photography and videos using your camera and GoPro.

I’m happy to announce that you have chosen to explore the site Abandoned Places and the Urban Exploration site. This is a subscription site and as such, all of the content remains as is. You will receive a notification email on the 15th day of the month so please be sure to check your email on that day. I hope you enjoy your experience!

This email confirms your purchase of the signed edition of “Lonely Planet’s “Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe”. We hope you find this guide helpful.

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in combining our passion for travel with abandoned buildings, derelict structures, deserted places and all things urban exploration. Your notification is now in your inbox.

Our trip has been successfully booked. Your first step is to review our itinerary. On this document, you’ll also find the best tips to explore the abandoned and lost places. You can also download our digital tour guide to prepare for your adventure.

I hope you’ll enjoy your trip to Europe! Before you go, you can now view the top 10 cities for abandoned and lost places to explore. and read and see and discover and enjoy and be forever welcome back to the old and abandoned and lost and mysterious and mysterious and wonderful and wonderful and ever-mysterious and scenic and scenic and cultured and cultured and untouched and untouched and safe and safe

Thank you for your order, please add it to cart for delivery. Remember to add our Abandoned Places add-ons when you purchase this vehicle!

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We really enjoyed meeting you. Please check out our website for more information on abandoned buildings, the history of urban exploration, urban ruins, abandoned places, modern ruins, urban exploration tours, urban travel, urban touring, urban photography, urban resource sites, urban exploration tours, travel tours, urban exploration photography, urban exploration photography, urban exploration photography.

Urban Exploring is also known as urbex, or simply exploring abandoned places.

Your abandoned places request for this account has been temporarily suspended. For a temporary or long term break from active subscriptions, please contact us at the email in the signature, or click reply below.

It was a pleasure showing you around our abandoned underground town. Thank you for your interest in Urbex! If you have any questions, I encourage you to leave a note in the private notes field below. One of our experts will gladly answer.

Good to meet you. There’s no other person on the roster to talk to. Let’s take this opportunity to explore this abandoned building together.

The urban explorer is delivering your urban exploration package to you! Look forward to exploring and capturing awesome city views and abandoned buildings and structures during your urban exploration package.

You’re awesome! It’s awesome that you’re interested in exploring abandoned places and urban exploration. We’re excited to have you aboard, happy exploring!

Thank you for your intention to explore abandoned places. We hope you’re excited to go exploring and to leave us a note when you’re done.

Hi, Your interest in exploring the abandoned places around Ontario, Canada has been noted. Unfortunately, our companies policy doesn’t allow for this project due to activity that is deemed dangerous, but I’m glad you’re still interested in exploring abandoned places and can still come on a tour of our site. Please feel free to share the site with your friends and stay tuned for more future activities.

Quite easy, yes? There are some older hospitals around the U.K. and Europe with lots of disused, old abandoned areas. We also cover Europe so no matter where you are, you’ll find something of interest. We even have some deserted asylums, bunkers, and military assets there so you can get away from it all.

Dr Percy says :
We hope to set up a meeting with you soon to further discuss your interests in abandoned and lost places. If you have any questions, please contact us at the email in the signature or reply to this email.

Thank you for signing up to explore our beautiful, abandoned and lost places. Our adventure is just getting started, so sign up today so you can explore on an empty stomach on Tuesday!

Thank you for using the Abandoned Places website! Your recent visit was a success. Look for the “GET STARTED” button to create your next exploration to a new destination.

Your purchase of Urban Exploration has been confirmed! Experience the amazing beauty of the world and find yourself in the shadow of the great ruins and abandoned cities.

Qvroshv says :
I’m excited to hear that you’re planning on exploring an abandoned site! I’ll send you the date, time, and details tomorrow morning.

Here’s the deal. You’re about to get an exclusive tour of abandoned places and urban exploration stories thanks to The Explorer Trail! This email is just a small sample of the many adventures that await you. Make sure to check us out at for more sweet deals.

Thank you for your interest in Abandoned Places. We had a lot of responses, but our trips are now fully booked for Spring 2019. We hope you have safe travels and to welcome you soon.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We have an available abandoned building, a pre-built bunkers, and a state of the art underground passage. Contact us for a quote.

Great, you chose to explore abandoned places on your own. Your order has been submitted and we will start processing soon.

Woow! You don’t even remember when was the last time you got to explore that abandoned place out in the woods. It was great meeting you!

We are excited that you have decided to explore beauty in abandoned, abandoned, and lost places around Europe. It will be an exciting journey.

Thanks for choosing our “exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe” tour. Have a fun and safe trip.

kubkory says :
Enjoy this exclusive offer for Exploring the Inside of Abandoned Places Worldwide!

We hope we can find your space! We will contact you in about an hour in case you’re in the process of visiting the abandoned building in question. Remember to stick around and give us a call in case we’re in the vicinity and can help.

Your tour for abandoned asylums, hospitals, cold war era sites, military sites, cold war era relics, bunkers. . . is on its way.

Thank you for your interest in checking out Abandoned London! We’re really excited about exploring somewhere new together. Please respond to this email with the first and last name that you want us to pronounce.

Your trip to an abandoned place secured. Be sure to share your experiences with us to continue to inspire others to #Abandoned!

Hi, I’m so glad to have found your website. I’m an urban explorer, and I’m interested in diving into abandoned buildings. Can I ask if you have any suggestions on abandoned buildings that I may explore?

Thank you for taking interest in exploring abandoned places. The easiest way to explore abandoned places is to browse our catalog of potential trips. We’ll follow up with you in a couple of days with a personal tour of the places you might be interested in.

Would you like to explore some of the most abandoned and lost places of Europe? We’re looking for people to explore these dangerous places. Sign up now!

Thank you for your interest in exploring Abandoned places and Urban exploration with us! We will be going over our packing lists and discussing the best way for you to go about this trip. We look forward to meeting you soon.

You have been emailed a password to explore abandonned and lost places around Europe. It’s been a pleasure working with you on this project! Explore beautifully abandoned locations on your own or on a tour with a group.

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