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Urbexing the abandoned utility

Find and explore abandoned and lost places around Europe. Watch “Mysteries of Abandoned Europe” and “The Lost Expedition Series”.


Thank you for your interest in Hollow & the Abandoned. We hope to hear from you soon with your current location and ideas for your underground photography project.

We’re so happy you’re checking out our site, one of the most visited abandoned ruins, revealed! Welcome to the spooky world of Urban Exploration! With our intrepid explorers intrepid explorers at your disposal, you get to enjoy the thrill of high adrenaline-packed adventures in search of abandoned buildings, derelict ships, or often hidden locations. Be sure to check out our blog and

We are all about combining our passion for travel with abandoned buildings, abandoned structures and all things urban exploration. This is the only email we will send you. We promise.

I can’t wait to spend some time exploring abandoned buildings, bunkers or underground locations that I find on ? Your safe haven is not too far. It’s the last line of defense. Let’s take care of business now, you can email me with questions at (address)

The European-Urbex-Pass is a digital package that gives you access to the best abandoned and lost places in Europe, and also gives you a 360 degree view of these fascinating places. The pass grants you access to abandoned industrial complexes, derelict hotels, churches and industrial sites. The passport you receive includes the best spots around Europe, plus a guide which offers history, background and information on

Congratulations! We really hope you enjoyed your team option for this training. The location for this Infiltration training is an abandoned steel mill in the middle of Chicago. Urbex is not just all about abandoned buildings; it’s also about the real historical places that are connected to the city’s past. We hope to see you there.

We have successfully transferred ownership of abandoned places to your inbox. Please view your email for your order confirmation.

You’re in! Your UrbEx account has been created. You can begin exploring abandoned & forgotten spaces by following the link at the bottom of the email.

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned places and urban exploration! Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Urban Exploring is also known as urbex, or simply exploring abandoned places.

Thank you for contacting Abandoned Buildings, bunkers, and Underground Locations. We’ll be contacting you shortly with your preferred tour date.

Great! We can’t wait to hear more about your abandoned hospital adventure. We would love to hop on a call to chat more about the exciting outing.

Thanks for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. Your trip is a little different from other travelers because you’re searching for something other people have missed out on. Your trip is about exploring the story behind the location, so you don’t have to worry about being alone.

Hola, fear not! We’re always available to help you come explore the abandoned places at your fingertips. Should you need anything, just send us an email, or give us a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Thank you for joining Team 5R5. Excited to experience abandoned and derelict urban exploration locations with you? With more than 20 years of experience in the field of urban exploration, we know how to find the most unique and exciting locations in Europe and the UK. You can drop us a question in the Q&A section on the website, or hit reply to this email.

Thank you for booking with us! We can’t wait to see you exploring the abandoned asylums, military sites and tunnels of Europe! We hope to meet you soon.

Thanks for your opinion. We appreciate your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. Our club is a volunteer-run organization and every decision is made collectively. If you have any further questions, please contact us by email.

Thank you for your order! To keep your up to date on which urbex locations are best, please subscribe to our newsletter. We hope you enjoy exploring the abandoned and lost places of Europe!

Good to hear that you’re interested in learning about urban exploration. If you’re ready, give us a shout. We could explore some abandoned places together soon.

Are you an adventurer who loves abandoned places? We at are always mapping out these cool locations for you! Just complete your profile, tell us how often you travel, and you’ll receive notifications when new places are posted below.

Your abandoned buildings, bunkers & underground locations location was successfully booked. We hope you enjoy the experience.

We appreciate your interest in Abandoned Places. You will find our collection, where you can find abandoned buildings, derelict structures, deserted places, and more, at

Your journey to explore abandoned and lost places around Europe has begun! Keep an eye out for the next email with all the necessary information.

It sounds like you’re planning an interesting journey! Would you like to explore abandoned and lost places around Europe? We can help you find the best urbex locations and read about its history. Just submit the form and we’ll be back to you soon with some insightful and prescriptive advice and options.

Thanks for choosing to explore along with us! We look forward to seeing you soon at the abandoned place you signed up for.

Thank you for your interest in Abandoned Places. We’re always looking to work with people who have a passion for exploring abandoned places to create amazing content with them. Let us know if you have any interest in collaborating, we have a wide range of opportunities to explore!

Urban exploration can take place in public places like cities, which is usually a higher risk, and it involves exploring those spaces that are normally off limits to the public. Urban explorers may also visit the roofs of commercial buildings, abandoned buildings, and building interiors.

Your trip to exploration of abandoned and lost places in Europe is confirmed. We hope you have great adventures and the best in site seeing.

Our roving roving roving reporter is ready to explore the abandoned city.

The abandoned place you can be found is in Bangkok. Have you considered exploring the death railway in the Amazon, or the abandoned sanatorium in Eastern Europe?

Are you looking to explore the world of abandoned places and urban exploration? Are you interested in looking into the photos that went into this story? Then this is the pack for you!

I would like to explore abandoned and lost places around Europe with you! I’ll share my thoughts and experience with you along the way. What to expect:

What’s your fascination with abandoned places? You’ve taken the first step in becoming a Crandon Adventurer!

Hello there, we noticed your order and have your guides. We hope you have a great time exploring these lost and abandoned places during your travels.

What a lot of people do not know is the history behind the places they visit. With our brand new website, UrbexLovers can explore all of the abandoned and lost places in Europe with unique stories and pictures. Go explore with us and we’ll see you soon in Europe!

You’re IN! You now have access to all of our updates, as well as the world famous secrets only lurk in abandoned places. To keep yourself informed, be sure to hit “Follow” on the top. Thanks for joining, and be careful out there.

Thank you for your order of the “Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe” e-book! You can now log in to view your ebook. Remember to keep your password secure. If you need further support, please contact us, we’re here to help!

Your wife enjoyed your recent vacation immensely, thanks for sharing your love of all things abandoned with her. It was clear that you were both having a great time. Our apologies for any inconvenience that your visit caused. We hope to see you soon, she loved talking to you too.

We’re glad you’re exploring abandoned places with us. Your adventure will be amazing! You will get to experience the history of abandoned places. Keep an eye out for the best places to explore!

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