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Explore the history of abandoned places

Looking for a place to explore that has a unique story? Then look no further. Our weekly YouTube show Uncovering Abandoned Europe explores the most underrated to neglected places in Europe. Each location has its own fascinating story and we find out about them as we explore them.


The urban explorer is delivering your urban exploration package to you! Look forward to exploring and capturing awesome city views and abandoned buildings and structures during your urban exploration package.

Thank you for your interest in checking out Abandoned London! We’re really excited about exploring somewhere new together. Please respond to this email with the first and last name that you want us to pronounce.

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It was great meeting with you and exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. The itinerary will be booked and all information reviewed for you. We’ll send an email reminder on 9/7 for this trip. Thank you for your order and we hope you have a fantastic day.

Thank you for your interests in exploring the abandoned locations. We hope you find a great deal of excitement and fun in your explorations.

Hello there, we noticed your order and have your guides. We hope you have a great time exploring these lost and abandoned places during your travels.

What’s the story behind the newest game on Hardcore-Umbrella? “Life of an Abandoned Place”. Check out this article to discover more about Hardcore-Umbrella’s newest game with the image-rich game guides.

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We are all about combining our passion for travel with abandoned buildings, abandoned structures and all things urban exploration. This is the only email we will send you. We promise.

Hi, I’m so glad to have found your website. I’m an urban explorer, and I’m interested in diving into abandoned buildings. Can I ask if you have any suggestions on abandoned buildings that I may explore?

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned places around Europe. We hope you will enjoy your exploration.

Dear contact, Urban exploration is the exploration of buildings or structures that have been abandoned and forgotten. We love how much effort you’ve put into creating this activity. Thank you for the interest.

Eajwohl says :
Thank you for taking interest in exploring abandoned places. The easiest way to explore abandoned places is to browse our catalog of potential trips. We’ll follow up with you in a couple of days with a personal tour of the places you might be interested in.

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Urban exploration can take place in public places like cities, which is usually a higher risk, and it involves exploring those spaces that are normally off limits to the public. Urban explorers may also visit the roofs of commercial buildings, abandoned buildings, and building interiors.

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You’ve booked a tour with Urban Exploration: the art of uncovering the forgotten and exploring the abandoned. It will be a memorable experience of exploring old Soviet factories, lonely train stations, and abandoned subway entrances – and of course, the forbidden sections of Angel Stadium. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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