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Exploring abandoned and lost places

Explore abandoned pockets of Paris, abandoned ships in Greece, abandoned prisons in the Phillipines, the abandoned Bates Motel on the Hollywood Hills, and way more.


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The abandoned place you can be found is in Bangkok. Have you considered exploring the death railway in the Amazon, or the abandoned sanatorium in Eastern Europe?

Your job will be to explore the abandoned ruins of old silver mines, which are ironically abandoned by the silver itself. Safety comes first so you won’t be allowed to just wander into places which still contain the dangerous elements that the mines include.

Thank you for joining our scavenger hunt! We’re glad you’re interested in tracking down these abandoned places. We hope you enjoyed joining our exploration!

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Abandoned places are exciting locations for the urban explorer. Other common terms for urban exploration include exploring urban decay, urban exploration, urban exploration photography, urban exploration photography, urban explorer photography, urban explorer photography, urbex, urbex photography, ruin hunting, and urban exploration photography.

Thank you for your order of the Abandoned Places Experience. We’re just a few of what we hope will be a long list of brands who will be engaged in an explosion of exploration of the forgotten and the underbelly of our cities. We hope you have a great time exploring abandoned places with us.

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Title of course: Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration

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Ha! You might be interested in a special offer on a new book on urban exploration called Abandoned Places: Stuff of Nightmares. It has been translated from Italian and from an original English from from Milan.

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Thank you for your interest in waiting at waiting rooms in abandoned buildings, bunkers, and underground locations. Please schedule your appointment by emailing us for a confirmation.

You should also know that entering abandoned locations is against United States law. Staying at hotels is the safest option.

You are encouraged to explore abandoned buildings, derelict structures, long-abandoned places, and other forms of urban exploration that are unlike abandoned places.

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places across Europe. You’ll be able to view some of the best locations near you and read about their history. Sign up for free today to learn more!

Thank you for being interested in the history of abandoned and lost places around Europe. The best urbex locations are actually some of the most dangerous, so please be aware of local laws before exploring on your own. Have a great time on your journey!

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Urban exploration is the exploration of buildings or structures that have been abandoned and forgotten.

On the lookout for urban exploration, abandoned buildings or urban exploration listings? At Abandoned Places, you won’t find any listings of new real estate, but you will find plenty of abandoned hotels, apartments, hospitals, schools…

We’re excited to provide you with the opportunity to explore abandoned buildings. Please note WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACCEPT our terms and conditions before continuing?

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Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. In urbex you will get to see the best urbex locations, read about its history, and get exclusive access to hidden world’s of abandoned places.

This Saturday, we’re having a discussion about the city as a place of exploration, using the abandoned as a case study. Make sure not to miss out.

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