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Disused & abandoned asylums

Exploring abandoned settings is exciting and can be done in many ways, urban exploration is one of them. This channel features video logs of exploring rarely visited places in the world, be it steam tunnels, circus ware houses, factory floors, or underground parking lots.
REGAN VEST - Nuclear shelter for the Danish Royal family and government


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Awesome you clicked through to our website! Our chief editor would like to introduce himself: his name is Bryan and he’s based in Alaska (aka the middle of nowhere). Although he has chosen to live almost anywhere else – Antarctica, South America, Russia, Africa, Alaska – his fascination with abandoned and lost places never leaves him. He has traveled the world and explored thousands of abandoned and lost places and

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New to Exploring Lost Places? Be sure to check out our website first. For many years, Exploring Lost Places has been an online information service dedicated to exploring the forgotten city of Budapest. We share stories of abandoned places around Europe, including everything from museums to post offices, theaters to hospitals, trains to electric plants.

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Urban exploration is the exploration of disused or abandoned manmade structures, usually through exploration of urban areas.

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