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Enter A Bunker. No One’s Been Here Before.

Take a look at how these hard-to-find bunkers were used during World War II.


Congratulations! This is a historic moment in our lives. A new experience awaits you with a true treasure of a whole building with whom to explore, called the Bunker 61. Exciting developments in front of you–financial reward for discovery.

Dr Jacey says :
Congratulations!! You have been randomly selected to explore one of the former military bunkers from the Cold War! Complete your order to enter the urban exploration site. You will be contacted for this exciting adventure soon.

Your reservation has been confirmed. Please click on the link below for more details on what to expect from your stay at the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. Let’s have some fun!

We have been notified that you have a confirmed reservation for a fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. Our facility is both a hideout for a gangland boss and a tourist destination. You can either walk in through the front door, or sneak in the back door. To your advantage, our bunker is entirely off-grid. Hurry, spaces are limited!

Thank you for signing up for an Urbex! We hope you enjoy the undisclosed location where the bunker has been set up. Once you’re all caught up, we will be glad to send you your gear.

Qvroshv says :
We’re excited that you’re interested in planning your vacation or coworking vacation to one of our Cold War and WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers. We’re looking forward to doing business together!

Congratulations! Your team has found something really special and now needs your help to explore and document the bunker. We sent you this email as a feeler to see if you were interested in joining the team as a research assistant.

Thank you for your order. The bunker has been fully stocked and is waiting for you. You’ll find all the tools needed to play your role. If you need further support, please contact us.

That’s right. . . this bunker was built to hold the US President in the event of a nuclear war, so you know it’s legit. Only three military bunkers in the USA were ever designed and constructed as such, and we have one of them exclusively on offer for you on right now.

Thank you for submitting an order for a photographic tour to Cold War bunker sites around Europe. We’ll be in touch soon to let you know which site we’ll take you to and what the tour will cover.

Your pre-sale order for Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers has been placed. To view your order history visit this link.

Big thanks for clicking through to learn about abandoned Cold War & WW2 places, what they were used for, where you can find these unique features in the world, and how to visit them yourself. In case you’d like to continue, please use this link to go back to our homepage: nuclear bunkers

We hope you are enjoying your subscription. I wanted to let you know that your subscription includes more than just bunker tours. We have over 700 looted artworks within the underground prison, 24 hours of audio tours, and more.

Thank you for reaching out to us. It looks like the photo was removed due to copyright violation. To be able to re-upload the photo, please remove the watermark. To our knowledge, it appears to be an abandoned bunker used in World War 2.

You have been approved for a Photographic Tour of abandoned Cold War Bunker sites. The tour is now prepared and will be delivered to the email you provide so you can start getting your next exciting experience.

Thank you for subscribing. Your subscription includes a program guide for, among others, World War II bunkers, Canadian spy huts, death camps, and the world’s most haunted houses.

We hope you enjoy your time exploring the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. You can find more information about the dive at the link below. See you soon!

Your purchase of the Urban Explorers Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker is scheduled for delivery within 5 business days. We suggest you have a backup plan in place just in case your package does not arrive soon. Tracking your purchase can be found at

Thank you for your donation! We really appreciate your support. You’ll see your donation receipt at the bottom of the email. Hope you enjoy exploring the abandoned bunker.

Thanks for reserving a ticket for “America’s Cold War Secret Bunker” in Wichita, Kansas. We look forward to exploring the hidden treasures of this forgotten underground world on your behalf!

You can find photos and videos of WWII-era bunkers and abandoned military facilities. For example, one listing is for a bunker near Palm Springs, California. Another listing is for a USSR commando building in Berlin.

Thank you for participating in our survey. This email is to confirm your bunker entrance transaction. Please reply to this email with your desired date and time to enter the bunker.

You’ve purchased a photographic journey on the abandoned Cold War bunker sites! To ensure the printing and mailing of your photo book, please provide your email and shipping address below. We’ll send it on its way soon!

Your $25 ticket is now on its way! Please know that the bunkers are always changing, so get here quickly!

Thank you for your interest in the former bunkers of World War 2. We are sorry to say there is no better time to secure these bunkers. They are now overrun by wildlife.

Your Nuclear Bunker Submission is on its way to the Cold War & WW2 Places team.

Great to hear! Your request has been accepted. The bunker will be held for you when you decide to check in. Hope the bunker is well suited to your needs and wait for you inside.

Would you like me to explain the urban exploration part of the project to you? In order to explore the abandoned Soviet nuclear bunker, it is advisable to make sure you have the correct equipment.

You’ve successfully booked the spookily abandoned nuclear bunker! We hope you enjoyed this experience, and best of luck exploring your way out of there.

Awesome!  If you’re joining our World War II abandoned places  hunt with  me,  you’ll be notified when we find a bunker. ___ _ _ ___

It was a pleasure to meet you. We hope you enjoyed your time and learned a lot about abandoned Cold War nuclear bunkers and urban exploration. If you’re still intrigued by this topic make sure to check out the below links:

Thanks so much for checking out our example of a WW2 bunker! We hope you can find time to explore more than just bunkers throughout the world.

Your dream trip has finally arrived! We thank you for your purchase of this Cold War era bunker. It now belongs to you! We will follow up with you on the details of your trip.

Your purchase is complete! Enjoy your x-treme bunker romp through abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunkers that have been converted into underground havens. Package includes: trip to abandoned Soviet bunker that includes one-time pass entree to a spooky abandoned Soviet bunker with fully stocked adventure, a first-aid kit, lights, a first-aid kit, a welcome letter, a flashlight, a

Your order for Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers has been confirmed. We will send you an email when your order has shipped. You can follow the progress of your order using your order number below.

Would you like to explore abandoned cold war nuclear bunker, urban exploration?

Thank you for your interest in an abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. Our lead buyer has selected this site to be discussed at our next meeting. Please send us the dates you are available to walk over the location and brief us on what it looks like.

Welcome to the abandoned military bunker! I have a lockbox here with a key-tag that should serve as a leash to keep you safe from the dangers of the ancient military base. You can find a map to show where you are next to cool military stuff as well as a history of the bunker if you explore anything further.

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