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Direct access to the bunker

Europe Streets show World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned.
Atlantikwall Regelbau 639 - Sanitary Bunker, Hospital Bunker, Medical Bunker From World War 2


Our lovely city of Houston is home to more than its fair share of abandoned military bunkers and atomic museums. From the Alamo on down, Houston is a glorious repository of its city’s forgotten histories. If you’re looking to explore some of the city’s lesser known spaces, we’ve found a few to share with you. If you’re interested, ask us about a tour.

Your purchase of the abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker, urban exploration is confirmed. Please don’t go deep underground. We’ve set up a private membership feature for your membership. This membership will allow you to explore the bunker at any time. Please be careful, and contact our team if you make contact with any radiation levels!

Thank you for visiting Europe’s Cold War Bunkers. The visit is complete, your memories are now preserved forever.

Your bunker escape has been fully booked. Please contact us if you have questions or need to reschedule. We look forward to having you on our team!

We’re looking forward to you visiting the urban explorers discovery unexplored WW2 Bunker. This email confirms that your payment was received and awaiting your arrival.

Thank you for choosing to explore abandoned cold war nuclear bunker. We hope you will discover the rich history and history-making within. Your tour guide is on their way, so we’ll see you soon.

Nowadays, mixed with global warming and other factors, underground bunkers are used more commonly not only for secrecy but also for protection.

You’re right, we’re still exploring the bunkers. We’re preparing for a tour near you, and we’re excited to share this experience with you. We’ll send you a note after your tour.

I’m sure the bunkers and the WWII will be explored in this exciting project.

You’ve successfully signed up for our once-in-a-lifetime abandoned Cold War bunker tour! We’ll send you an email with the full itinerary, arrival details, and trip content shortly. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

Your access entry has been verified by submitting photographic ID and scanning code. You’re free to explore the bunker. There’s just one catch: the government will see what you’re up to, and you can’t snitch on your fellow urban explorers to the authorities.

We are sorry to hear that you are interested in exploring more of Europe’s adventurous places. However, due to recent incidents of unrest, we are unable to send you on this Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers tour.

Thank you for your excitement. We hope you enjoy your time exploring this abandoned world war II bunker. Enjoy the view, your tour guide will be with you shortly.

Your nuclear bunkers are now in our system! We’ll be sending you a confirmation email with the details later today. Thank you again for your help!

Each abandoned bunker is different in size with their own unique history, so please select your location to find the tour you’re looking for.

Ah, so you’re interested? I got this two missing coin along with another discovery. The old “nuclear bunker” that I found under the cold war airliner. Let’s follow the satellite trail that starts in Moscow for now for this adventure. You’ll probably see lots of other things.

Thanks so much for checking out our example of a WW2 bunker! We hope you can find time to explore more than just bunkers throughout the world.

We hope you are enjoying your subscription. I wanted to let you know that your subscription includes more than just bunker tours. We have over 700 looted artworks within the underground prison, 24 hours of audio tours, and more.

We hope you had a great tour of the most secret place on Earth. With no roads leading to the bunkers, the only way to find the bunkers is through them! We have sent you a guide of our nuclear bunkers with all the info for you to visit them on your own. We hope you enjoyed your time with us on this tour!

Thank you for your share! We love sharing our info on these sites. If you want to download the “Nuclear Bunkers” article, it is available for a 10% discounted purchase price of US$299.

Yxinbefy says :
Thanks for signing up for the Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers Awareness Event! When you join this exciting tour, you will have the chance to visit the former nuclear bunkers of the United States of America. The moment you’re done, you will receive a ticket for a complimentary souvenir, but the whole experience will be just as memorable as the destination.

Your tour reservation is on the way, on Wednesday April 27th. Here’s what you can expect on your urban exploration tour of the abandoned Soviet nuclear bunker.

Thank you for your interest in the Soviet-era object, Nuclear Bunker. The project is still in development, but feel free to send your email to for more information.

Your request to explore the Abandoned nuclear bunker in Colorado is approved pending an agreed upon date. If you are still interested and want to do this, we’ll confirm the date soon and we’ll discuss what you need to bring.

Your purchase of Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers is confirmed. Please see our mailing list for more info on when your order will be delivered.

We are sorry the Cold War era nuclear bunker fell on hard times. We will try our hardest to offer you a fair deal. If you are interested in it, get in contact with me on this email.

Thank you for joining us on this expedition. We’re looking forward to exploring bunkers and other abandoned places in WWII!

Thank you for your purchase! If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll be receiving:

Thank you for your order! Please expect your order list of the haunting images of abandoned WWII bunkers to be sent within the next few hours.

Thank you for your interest in the abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker. We will submit your information to our landlord for them to contact you.

Thank you for your interest in exploring a World War II Bunker! You’ll be sent a text message with a link that will send you a video tour of the bunker. Before you come, please note this is a secure facility and you must wear the proper attire.

Hi! I’m overwhelmed. I would like to schedule a visit to the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker in the middle of the forest. You can help me send packages and supplies for this unusual project to the location. My name is Steve and I’m looking for volunteers that can help out.

You’ve reached the Soviet Bunker! Home to a fully stocked and operational bunker, plundered by the locals and left for this lucky person to explore and document. After 2,000 years and 100 years of silence, the time has come for your group to live this adventure.

Thanks for your order! This is a high quality digital photographic tour of abandoned bunker sites from a time of conflict. We’ll send you a note when your order is complete.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see one of the most unique (and spooky) places on earth! Your day trip to the World War II bunker is on Friday, October 5th. You will need to meet at the front entrance by 7 AM sharp. Please check your confirmation email for your passport and ID information, including a map and directions.

Sorry to hear that your father died in the abandoned cold war nuclear bunker. We hope you take solace in knowing that your father’s final moments were spent in complete safety. Your father’s death was also recorded by the governmentโ€”we’re able to share the video with you right now.

Our Urban Explorers team is exploring a World War II Bunker in Rotterdam and we want you to be there with us! Our mission: to explore and experience the world through their Instagram accounts @urban_explorers and sharing their experiences with us and the world.

Thank you for your request. Your booking has been completed and your tour will be led by a tour guide in a recent post apocalyptic military attire. You’ll have a meet and greet at 3pm in a parking lot in a safe distance away from the bunker.

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