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Explore abandoned buildings and abandon places

Looking around abandoned and lost areas around Europe. View the best urbex locations and read about its history.


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Have you found the time to explore some abandoned and lost places around Europe? If yes, then let’s change the way we explore the world and start a new adventure together.

You’ve taken your first step to getting into exciting abandoned sites around the world. Follow the link below to start your training course.

UrbEx tours are an exploration of abandoned and derelict places that were once ordinary and beautiful. These places that for one reason or another no longer function, generate memories and respite. Your confirmation email will be downloaded by your mobile device and will contain all relevant information on the tour and on how to use it.

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We’re excited to share with you our latest new project – a travel website, where you’ll find a wealth of information and inspiration about outdoor travel and the abandoned places and urban explorers of the world. We think you’ll love it, and we hope that you’ll subscribe to stay up to date on our newest features.

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Safe and sound – no more ambushes! “Urban exploration” is the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned ruins or hidden components of the manmade environment.

Abandoned buildings, bunkers,  or underground locations for sale? We like to talk about your company with others who share this interest. Looking for a timepiece like the St Christopher watch? Shop our $65 wristwatches with world-renowned brands like Movado, Tudor, Hublot, Breitling.

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Hi, we’re exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe and we’re interested in sharing our findings with the world. Thank you for signing up and we hope you’re excited to get started.

Thank you for visiting our website. We are primarily an urban exploration website, primarily operating in Indiana. We are currently doing construction on our blogs. We give the possibility of submitting public submissions about your abandoned places, or any abandoned places that you can contribute to our growing list.

Would you like to explore abandoned and lost places around Europe? We offer the best urbex locations and offer a free guided tour. It’s an adventure you can’t miss.

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Just when you thought that that abandoned swimming pool was the most interesting thing in the world, you come across something that not only reignites the spark of your interest but also kindles the curiosity in you.

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Urbex is a new experience. Infiltrate 2 abandoned places, one in the core cities and one in a rural location. Explore 2 old, abandoned or run down buildings for objects, artifacts and writings. Leave as much as possible as it was as you found it.

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Hey traveler! Your trip is confirmed, you’re able to explore many abandoned locations in Europe! See you there!

You’re invited to explore abandoned and urban exploration photos and backgrounds. Explore and let us know what you’ve found and we look forward to exploring with you soon.

This is where you can find out about abandoned and special places to visit. This site features the best locations to visit with detailed histories. Places to visit is another section where you can find out more about locations to visit, explore, and explore.

Thank for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. With your purchase, you receive access to all the spots in our package that are high up on our list. We hope you enjoy your adventure. 🙂

We hope you enjoy exploring abandoned places!

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Hi! Urban exploration is a completely legal activity. You can go on roofs, into old warehouses, or on abandoned planes without any risk of being caught. We hope that you enjoy your time exploring the city!

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