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Explore abandoned spots around Europe

Abandoned cities, abandonments, and urban exploration are common terms not just for urban explorers but for many people.
REGAN VEST - Nuclear shelter for the Danish Royal family and government


Hi! We thought your inquiries are great. We are excited to be able to show you some of the best abandoned places you can visit in Europe. If you are eager to learn more, please sign up for our holiday package. We are excited for you.

This email confirms your request to join Abandoned Places – Combining our passion for travel with abandoned buildings, derelict structures, deserted places and all things urban exploration.

This is a confirmation for a reservation at a wicked abandoned building. Your tour starts at 8pm GMT on Thursday, March 3rd. Please arrive on time.

Good news, your application for abandoned places is now live.

Thanks for your opinion. We appreciate your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. Our club is a volunteer-run organization and every decision is made collectively. If you have any further questions, please contact us by email.

Thank you for joining the Abandoned Places club. We hope you enjoy your first experience at a new club! The first step to joining Abandoned Places is a good first name. Just click on the “Get started” link to see your name. We have a few rules that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with.

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Are you an adventurer who loves abandoned places? We at are always mapping out these cool locations for you! Just complete your profile, tell us how often you travel, and you’ll receive notifications when new places are posted below.

Thanks, your email will be verified as soon as possible. In the meantime, check out abandoned places on our site.

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We have complied a list of cities you might want to visit as a group. Just click on the “Get Started” link below to view the list of abandoned places.

Good to hear that you’re interested in learning about urban exploration. If you’re ready, give us a shout. We could explore some abandoned places together soon.

Thanks for choosing to explore along with us! We look forward to seeing you soon at the abandoned place you signed up for.

Congratulations, because your purchase is secure! Don’t worry, we won’t sell your info. We’re happy to hear that you’re exploring abandoned buildings and other deserted places, and we’re confident that one day, we’ll find your name on a sign.

Every adventure begins somewhere and Urbex begins with the discovery of the urban exploration. Whether you’re just exploring new places on your city’s abandoned rooftops, getting caught exploring the forgotten of a warehouse, or camping in the undeveloped spaces of a wilderness area, we’re excited for you.

It was great meeting with you and exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. The itinerary will be booked and all information reviewed for you. We’ll send an email reminder on 9/7 for this trip. Thank you for your order and we hope you have a fantastic day.

Hi _____, as the owner of the property, I am happy that you’ve found my property. I can remember my property as a successful entrance into an abandoned building, underground bunkers, or an old underground location. _____, I can remember my property as a fascinating and gracious experience. But _____, my property is not for sale and I hope _____ and I can continue to

Thanks for your interest in exploring the abandoned city of Detroit! To view your booking, you can always log in with our website. Just click on the “Book Now” button on the homepage. Meanwhile, why not browse our other cities?

Your trip to exploration of abandoned and lost places in Europe is confirmed. We hope you have great adventures and the best in site seeing.

explore the sewers, abandoned buildings, industrial areas, or any other place. Remember to stay safe and not to trespass.

We will introduce you to the wonderful world of Urban Exploration and abandoned places! We hope you will find delight and adventure as you explore. We look forward to meet you and introduce you to an exciting world!

Welcome to Explore The Abandoned! Your order has been completed and your order status has been updated to “Completed”. If you have any questions, please contact us at the email in the signature, or hit reply to this email.

Great! You’ve chosen to receive your details for your abandoned building, bunker or underground location. Your information will be sent via email over the next few days. Please keep an eye on your inbox.

Thanks for taking the time to fill out our form. We’re thrilled to hear all the things you love about abandoned buildings, and we’ll be in touch soon.

Thank you for your inquiry. Please be advised that we currently take requests only for abandoned buildings, bunkers, and underground locations. Please contact us with your location and we’ll work something out!

You successfully made a reservation. We look forward to exploring the abandoned ________ with you in the future!

Thank you for your order. Our Underground Division is equipped with the latest technology to find abandoned, unused or unused-up properties. Expect an update from us within 24 hours.

Hi there! We hope that your explorations of abandoned places result in a lifetime of adventure. In the meantime, let us know if there is any way we can help.

Urban exploration can take place in public places like cities, which is usually a higher risk, and it involves exploring those spaces that are normally off limits to the public. Urban explorers may also visit the roofs of commercial buildings, abandoned buildings, and building interiors.

Hi, I’m checking in to see how your exploration in the Abandoned Place has been going. Have you gone in to explore it in VR? I can send you a link that would be great to explore it in VR in the field.

Great- you’re searching for an urban adventure. You can now use our sale to explore abandoned and off-limits areas and gain exclusive access and deals to different venues and events!

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As you browse through our websites, you will be able to experience places that are thought to be forgotten. Take this opportunity to explore abandoned places in different countries, find declassified derelict sites in the US, Russia, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, Peru, Austria, Australia, Europe, the Czech Republic, the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Brazil

Thank you for your subscription. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at!

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