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Make the most of your city with Abandoned Places!

Explore Abandoned Buildings Anywhere. No Outdated Outfits. No Outdated Gear. Just Your Smartphone. iOS & Android.


Hi there, you’ve been tagged as a Urban Explorer. We love seeing these changes from those of us common folk. To give you a little history on the term, Urban Exploration is a subculture of explorers who explore abandoned or under-developed places, often to extract historical or cultural artifacts. More information on this may be found on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

We are excited to have you on board to explore abandoned sites with us! We picked you because you sound like the explorer type. We’ve got a special discount for you just for joining up.

Seems like everything was worth it. We hope you enjoy your list of abandoned places. Congratulations!

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in combining our passion for travel with abandoned buildings, derelict structures, deserted places and all things urban exploration. Your notification is now in your inbox.

Hey, we’ve heard of this term and not sure if it’s something you’d like to explore. You might like exploring abandoned places, or maybe more like urban exploration. Click on the “Get Started” link below for more info.

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. This is a curated list of the best urbex locations in Europe. Each location page contains photos, videos, background history, and contact information. You can explore this list another time by clicking here.

Hi, I’m from the team at Explore Abandoned Places and wanted to confirm your purchase. Your purchase is now complete and you can start exploring photography communities through our community notebook. You can also log in and access your photos from any computer, tablet, or phone. Welcome to the family!

Thanks for your purchase – now explore photos and the histories of abandoned places and urban exploration. You will receive a link to download your photo book as soon as it is completed.

We’re excited to engage with you further on this new project through this form. This is the first step of many of our collaboration to explore abandoned and lost places around Europe.

Your trip to an abandoned place secured. Be sure to share your experiences with us to continue to inspire others to #Abandoned!

Thank you for your submission + purchase of the 2015 book, Abandoned Places: Combining our passion for travel with abandoned buildings, derelict structures, deserted places and all things urban exploration. The book is now in the mail. If you’re not in the U.S. please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Rbyxci says :
Thanks for using our site to explore abandoned places! We hope you enjoyed the experience. Your account at Abandoned Places is now closed.

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. To learn more about the best urbex locations and history of these places, visit this link below:

Great, you chose to explore abandoned places on your own. Your order has been submitted and we will start processing soon.

This is a confirmation for the Photography Pics/4 Pic Booking. Your order is being processed. Would you like to order a collection of photos from our abandoned places and urban exploration? Let us know when you’re ready.

Thank you for your order. We are currently building our list of providers of abandoned sites in the UK, Europe, US, Canada & Internationally. We look forward to working with you soon.

You are now subscribed to our email list. We publish original travel guides to abandoned cities, medieval castles, hidden rocks

Your abandoned places order is ready to be booked. To celebrate this occasion, we’ve got a discounted price for you šŸ˜‰.

Thank you for your request to view abandoned buildings, bunkers, and underground locations. Please understand that it may take 10-14 days for us to respond with available locations.

I am super excited that you have applied to become a contributor for Abandoned Places. I’ll be in touch shortly to get more started on this project!

You have been added to our mailing list for abandoned places. We send out an occasional email with opportunities to travel and money-saving offers for exploring the unusual within the unique.

Thanks for agreeing to explore abandoned and lost places around Europe. We appreciate your interest and hope you’ll enjoy the site.

Hey, thanks for signing up! I hope you enjoy exploring abandoned places as much as I do.

Your abandoned places listing is now live on our site. Congrats!

Thank you for your interest in Abandoned Places. We had a lot of responses, but our trips are now fully booked for Spring 2019. We hope you have safe travels and to welcome you soon.

Don’t forget to bring some sunscreen! You’ve just booked an urban exploration activity at some abandoned locations. Our team will be with you the whole time and we’re proud of our success rate. Please email your once-in-a-lifetime experience to a friend.

Thank you for your order! Your purchase of abandoned city tours is confirmed. Part of the adventure entails discovering new places, so we send you an email when we’re ready to book your adventure.

Thanks! Your abandoned buildings pass is on it’s way. Please allow for 3 to 5 business days for delivery.

Hi! This is Phil. You are invited to attend the meeting with subject title”Do you want to explore abandoned places together?”. Your name has been arranged on the list of attendees.

Welcome to Abandoned Places. Your reservation is confirmed and we look forward to hosting you soon!

So you’ll be coming to Philly this weekend for the big show! The Avalon Ballroom is a place to experience abandoned places in Philly. If you want to learn more about abandoned spaces view this website:

We’ve got you covered. You can explore abandoned places with other people from all over the world. And, explore no more šŸ˜€

Our urban exploration course focuses on exploring and photographing abandoned and hidden locations. Experience the hidden places and abandoned structures of the world and create amazing and engaging photography and videos using your camera and GoPro.

Thank you for exploring the abandoned and lost places around Europe. Please dnt forget to dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv d

Thanks for signing up to explore the histories of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration at We will be in touch soon, and be sure to check your inbox, we may have a surprise for you.

Your subject line is perfect. We understand how these places, such as Abandoned buildings, bunkers, and underground locations can be such a remarkable location. Your inquiry is on the way to the appropriate team. Thank you, and we hope you find what you’re looking for!

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places. We are glad that you are excited about the possibilities of your tour to Europe. This email is just to confirm that your tour is booked. For questions, please contact us.

Thank you for your visit to explore abandoned places. Your admission has been successfully confirmed. Come explore abandoned buildings, galleries, and warehouses.

Interested in crawling into that abandoned building? Maybe exploring an off-limits construction site? If you’ve got your gear and you’re ready to go, let’s get your started on your Urban Exploring experience! We’ve got packages for you; you can’t go wrong with starting with Silver for $500.

You’re awesome! It’s awesome that you’re interested in exploring abandoned places and urban exploration. We’re excited to have you aboard, happy exploring!


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