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The Cold War Nuclear Bunker

Images show the abandoned bunkers that are in Europe Streets.
Atlantikwall Regelbau S174 - Heavy Ammunition depot Bunker for 38/40,6cm battery


Your booking at the Abandoned World War II Bunker is complete! Once we receive confirmation of your payment we will be working on your tickets and travel information. Excited to see you on the other side!

We hope you had a great tour of the most secret place on Earth. With no roads leading to the bunkers, the only way to find the bunkers is through them! We have sent you a guide of our nuclear bunkers with all the info for you to visit them on your own. We hope you enjoyed your time with us on this tour!

Thank you for your order! Please expect your order list of the haunting images of abandoned WWII bunkers to be sent within the next few hours.

Your request to explore the Abandoned nuclear bunker in Colorado is approved pending an agreed upon date. If you are still interested and want to do this, we’ll confirm the date soon and we’ll discuss what you need to bring.

UrbEx at abandoned cold war nuclear bunker, urban exploration

Your Urbex package has arrived! Feel free to explore our fully stocked Cold War bunker. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Here’s a little more from your story: during World War II, Nazi’s famously turned the bunkers into living quarters.

Thank you for your interest in this urban exploration project. The urban expedition is in process and the bunker is only accessible with the consent of the Franklin County. To contact the Franklin County, check out their contact information below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

It looks like you’re the only urban explorer the inviting the Explorers Club to visit this amazing site in Poland. One can only imagine all the different types of abandoned things one would find in a bunker like this! Let the Urban Explorers be the judge.

Thank you for joining our exciting Bunker Experience! We hope you’ve enjoyed the experience so far! To gain access to the bunker the next time you visit, simply click on the link below.

Thank you for your interest in the fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker for your next urbex trip. Please get back to us within 15 days of your purchase or we’ll need to remove your reservation from the list.

It looks like you’re interested in the Urban Explorers Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker. We’re super excited you’re joining us! You can access our events page and sign up for the next event here:

It is the ultimate in durability. Those who build the bunkers are familiar with the term “tough as nails.” This email is to confirm that your order has been successfully submitted to be delivered to your doorstep. Please contact us if you have any questions.

We are sorry the Cold War era nuclear bunker fell on hard times. We will try our hardest to offer you a fair deal. If you are interested in it, get in contact with me on this email.

We have your request for WW2 Places, Nuclear bunkers (Cold War) submitted. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

You’re not alone! You’re now part of a growing community of people who love Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers.

You’ve reached the Soviet Bunker! Home to a fully stocked and operational bunker, plundered by the locals and left for this lucky person to explore and document. After 2,000 years and 100 years of silence, the time has come for your group to live this adventure.

Fiadsg says :
The person who created the Urban Explorers discovers the abandoned world war ii bunker.

Thank you for your order of Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. We will ship your order as soon as possible.

Thanks for joining us on our dirty adventure! This email is just letting you know that the Urban Explorers have left their mark on this abandoned World War II bunker. Make sure to share your photo once you’ve gotten out to your feed!

Hi there! We’re excited you’re getting ready to order our exclusive Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites Photography Tour. We’ll be sending you an email with important details to ensure this is a great experience.

Hi! I’m overwhelmed. I would like to schedule a visit to the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker in the middle of the forest. You can help me send packages and supplies for this unusual project to the location. My name is Steve and I’m looking for volunteers that can help out.

Your urban exploration excursion to the abandoned cold war nuclear bunker is officially confirmed. Meet with your guide at 10am on the morning of the date specified. We’ll answer any questions you might have in the meantime.

Congratulations on your purchase! You’ll have to come to the bunker to get started.

Dr Jacey says :
This is a strange email ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. It’s not our email server sending it to you, it’s actually a strange person manipulating an email server and sending this to random people. Anyways, what’s going on is that this photo is showing old bunkers in Europe that do in fact lie abandoned and uncharted. There’s a clear social and political agenda in the image and we want to be

We hope you enjoy your tour of the most incredible Cold War and WW2 nuclear bunkers. This latest discovery is a most impressive addition to our ever-growing list of places to explore. We will send you a confirmation email as soon as you receive your guidebook.

We hope you had an amazing time exploring the bunkers. If you’d like, you can start this project all over again with our new shorter guided tours. For your convenience, check your spam folder for our welcome email.

Today’s newest images are of old bunkers that lie abandoned under Europe Streets. I hope you enjoy seeing them.

I’m sure the bunkers and the WWII will be explored in this exciting project.

Thank you for your purchase. I hope you enjoy your tour of abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites. If you have any issues with the photo book, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help you.


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