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Urban explorers find a WWII bunker

There are more than bunkers in World War II Abandoned Places.
Atlantikwall Regelbau S174 - Heavy Ammunition depot Bunker for 38/40,6cm battery


Let’s start our adventure! We’ve booked your place and we’re looking forward to exploring this bunker. We’re excited to see photos and videos from your adventure.

Your $25 ticket is now on its way! Please know that the bunkers are always changing, so get here quickly!

Your registration for the World War II Bunkers tour has been confirmed. We’ll be sending you a confirmation email as soon as we have an exact time of tour. In the meantime, feel free to stay in touch on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

We are excited to have you join our ranks as a new member! You will find your membership card in your inbox after you reply to this email, and an instruction booklet in the watch pocket of your briefing bag. Please watch your step as you enter the facility, as the bunker has been closed for a long time without air ventilation.

Thank you for your purchase of Haunting images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. We hope you enjoy the collection of 10 images. Please come back soon to explore more of our macabre collection.

Your order is confirmed for history book World War II Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers. Expect this book to start shipping in early April. We will send you another message when your shipment is on the way so you can track its progress.

You have a confirmed reservation for our underground bunker in Ukraine. You’re going to love it! We expect to see you soon.

We are so sorry to hear about the fire. You’ll be receiving an email on Monday with full access to your download for the Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites assignment.

Anarft says :
I am happy to share with you the most exciting Cold War and WW2 Places: Bunkers! We have listed three stunning and exclusive Cold War & WW2 places to visit. These places are not always available and are hard to find, so you need to act fast.

Thank you for purchasing your fully stocked Soviet Bunker. We’re glad to finally say UR-NESS. We will be in touch with you soon to set up setup meeting times.

A great find. We’ll share a follow-up on a story we’ll be writing for a special edition of our magazine about the history of the bunkers.

Your bunker is booked and we cannot change this. The timings and date for the day has been reserved. Please contact our team to arrange a different day.

Your booking for the Urban Explorers Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker has been accepted. See you soon.

Thank you for submitting your story. I take pride in our team’s work and look forward to continuing to pursue a narrative which is a natural outlet for a restless mind. The images from World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets now looking different from their looking now. Our team is very much inspired by your story and hopes to give the same compelling experience to countless other people as well.

Your purchase has been confirmed. Your tickets to take a tour of a World War II bunker have been sent. Now excited to take the tour!

Congratulations, your bunker has been booked. Please follow the checkout process described on our website.

Your reservation has been confirmed and a payment of $500 has been processed. You will get transport to said location, set up a tent, bring food supplies, and explore the bunker. When you get back your deposit will be refunded and you will have a story to tell!

It sounds like an amazing experience! We hope you have a great time exploring the cold war nuclear bunker. Though, please be aware that urban exploration requires proper training.

Isa Mhle says :
Thank you for your interest in the fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War bunker! Please let us know your preferred date and time to visit.

Hi, your reservation for the Urban Explorers’ Discovery tour of a WW2 bunker in Berlin, Germany is confirmed. Your experience dates are confirmed for next week between Sunday, January 3rd and Saturday, January 9th, 2018.

There might be more than just bunkers in World War II Abandoned Places. Perhaps a hidden farm in a forgotten forest in France, a secret bunker in a fake town in the Czech Republic, or a hangar in a navy base in Labrador. Your exploration awaits.

Hi, we’re excited to be on your team! Welcome to your first bunker of your adventure. If you spot anything we’re missing on the list, just let us know and we’ll get it for you.

We’ll make you part of history! Our legend, nuclear bunkers, has it all: Cold War & WW2 Places: Abandoned Places & Bunkers. Browse through the site and discover these unique places for your family or photographic shooting exploring.

Hi, we’re excited to invite you to explore the abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker in the heart of the city. Please note, this is an urban exploration tour, so please dress appropriately. RSVP by clicking on the “Book It!” link below. Your spot will become available in 6-7 weeks.

The site contains maps and self-guided tours of military and industrial sites from World War II. You should explore more than bunkers and explore military and industrial World War II history.

Aqrqbed says :
We’re looking forward to helping you! Thanks for buying A Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites. You will receive the information you need to be able to use this publication, including contact information for the photographer.

Thanks for your interest in our site! We hope you enjoy exploring our abandoned bunker.

We’ll be meeting in front of the entrance of Fontenelle Forest Tuesday, October 23rd at 2pm. Make sure to bring your walking shoes and, if possible, climbing gear. We’ll make sure to coordinate and gat you set up and ready to explore the bunker.

Thank you for your order. We apologize that the bunker has been battered and bruised during the construction process and won’t be as nice as it could be. But we can guarantee you one thing: it’s fully stocked with food and water and the construction is well underway.

We’ve received your interest in exploring an abandoned Soviet bunker. We’ll respond as soon as we can to finalize your trip. Thank you and we hope to see you soon!

Thank you for your donation! We really appreciate your support. You’ll see your donation receipt at the bottom of the email. Hope you enjoy exploring the abandoned bunker.

We hope you are enjoying your subscription. I wanted to let you know that your subscription includes more than just bunker tours. We have over 700 looted artworks within the underground prison, 24 hours of audio tours, and more.

Thank you for joining us on this expedition. We’re looking forward to exploring bunkers and other abandoned places in WWII!

Your request is now complete. Thank you for your interest in Nuclear Bunkers. We’ll be in touch soon with more information on our tours of abandoned sites.

Thanks for your inquiry, we’re glad you’re interested. To book a visit to a Cold War nuclear bunker, all you have to do is buy a tour from our website. You can also purchase a Cold War bunker booking from our partners.

Congratulations! You and your team made it into that abandoned Soviet bunker and found all the supplies you needed to survive! Now we know we better stock up on the canned beans πŸ˜‰

Thanks for sending in this World War 2 bunker discovery. I’ve viewed your photos and will be in touch soon regarding sharing your find.

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