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An abandoned tube station lay forgotten for years

A subscription-based travel guide to abandoned places.


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Great, you’re engaged! Let’s explore abandoned and lost places near Europe. You can explore these sites in-person or explore these small towns on this map. Let’s explore the world together!

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Thanks again for signing up. We hope this email finds you well. For now, we want to introduce you to a new website called Explora. It is a website that tracks abandoned buildings and areas, and has a section for urban exploration. The site tracks the history of a site, including social media information.

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Appreciate your interest in Abandoned Buildings, Bunkers & Underground Locations, but our website is no longer accepting new listings. However, if you’d like to search for a location in the USA, please visit our sister company that operates out of the USA.

That’s exciting news! We hope you enjoy exploring all the different abandoned and lost places.

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Abandoned Places are things to explore

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Abandoned Places haven’t been confirmed for this year. In the meantime, explore our site.

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