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Russia had found several hundred of these bunkers

Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker, Urban Exploration.
Atlantikwall Regelbau 639 - Sanitary Bunker, Hospital Bunker, Medical Bunker From World War 2


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Thank you for your order! Your Bunker is fully stocked and sealed and ready to explore. We’ll send you a note when we’re done packing and send you a photo of your virtual tour.

Thanks for your order. We placed a hold on your order. Your deposit is 110% refundable, unless your order is cancelled. We’ll send you a formal confirmation shortly. In the meantime, check out the abandoned Bunker World War II bunker. It’s for sale, but finding people that want to buy it is a tough task.

Thanks for your order. We hope you find our tunnels and bunker convinient and we look forward to hearing from you!

On Tue Jan 31, Ed and the team at Urban Explorers Discover Hidden World War II Bunker will be exploring an abandoned World War II bunker in the forest near the lake. Three walk-in pits and a network of tunnels, two training rooms and a fully functional 80 ft. underground water system will be revealed.

Thank you for reaching out to us at Uneena. We understand your concerns and support your army. Please provide the following information for your bunker:

Thanks for visiting the nuclear bunkers in the Cold War & WW2 Places tour. Your submission has been recorded, but has not been verified for safety clearance. If you have questions about safety, please contact us via the email in the signature or click “reply to this email.”

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Thank you for confirming that you’ve seen the World War 2 bunkers in Europe. I’m sorry to hear that they were in such poor condition. We will let the government know about the issue.

We’re sorry to hear that you’re in the military. The United States Federal Government has been protecting the United States from terrorists and other criminal attacks since the attacks in 2001 in a variety of ways. One way in which the federal government has been protecting our country in recent years is by placing a number of underground bunkers in South Dakota, which is heavily inhabited.

It was great exploring the abandoned bunker! It looks like you found something interesting. Sometimes someone can bring life back to something. Welcome to the building.

Your fully stocked Soviet bunker is now on the site. We recommend contacting the site owner and if it is still for sale, purchase and outbid others!

Your Urbex adventure has been booked! We expect you to have a thrilling time exploring the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. Please bring along your own personal protection.

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You’ve packed up and left the bunker. Thank you for choosing our urban exploration team, we hope to welcome you soon.

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Cold War and WW2 buildings and places: Nuclear bunkers, obsolete laboratories and warehouses for housing weapons and materials. Underground Railway tunnels and ruins, storage depots and forts.

Thank you for your interest in visiting our bunker! There is no such thing as too much preparation, and we made sure to stock the bunker with everything you need for that once in a lifetime trip. The bunker is located in Zaporozhya in western Ukraine, and the entrance to the bunker is well hidden and protected from the public. Make sure to tell your friends and family and organize a group

You have inquired about World War II Abandoned Places, but our article has a little more to it than just bunkers. It’s a war saga of so many more sites and legends. Please feel free to explore our website a little more.

Urbex in abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker in Ukraine:

Wow! Our article “Images show World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets” was published today! You can find the link below. If you see any issues with the article, please message this email and we’ll work it out.

The abandoned bunker has now been excavated. Thanks for exploring with us.

Thanks again for your interest in the abandoned Cold war nuclear bunker I’m sharing. We’ll have to chat soon 😁. Let me know if you have any other questions or if this meeting works for you anytime. I’ll be at ________

Your special underground bunker has been reserved at your preferred date and time. Please contact your personnel specialist if you have any questions.

You’ve found what you’ve been looking for! The Abandoned Cold war Nuclear Bunker! However, there are no portals inside the bunker, so you’ll have to come back later.

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Your places abandoned Cold War & WW2, Nuclear bunkers confirmation has been sent. What to expect: you will receive a list and map of the places and a list and map of their present conditions.

You may be interested to see these beautiful images of World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe streets. Do you know the history behind the bunkers? We did.

Your pre-sale order for Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers has been placed. To view your order history visit this link.

Thanks for your interest in our company. We apologize for the confusion. We are still exploring more than bunkers for our World War II Abandoned Places book. We’ve just published the biggest book in our company’s history at over 500 pages of pure World War II History.

Your booking for a full day tour of the abandoned Bunker is confirmed. Please fill out the confirmation form to secure your spot on the tour. Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch!

@Springfield, as a military specialist myself, I’m glad to see you’ve been inspired by my trip. In case you need a reference point, the bunker is located deep underground and is well-protected from the radiation. You can find a map hidden somewhere in your office.

Your purchase of the Cold War Bunker Bundle has been confirmed. Please go ahead and start your virtual tour virtual tour .

Thank you for your interest in Nuclear bunkers. To proceed on the process, you’ll need to complete this form.

Haunting Images of WWII Abandoned Bunkers! your order for a haunting images of abandoned WWII bunkers is now prepared for shipping. To track your shipment to see the delivery status you can visit our tracking page

Thanks for your interest in our abandoned bunker. Unfortunately, it will not be opening for tours soon. Check out our blog for updates about the status of the site. Your ticket purchase for this event was successfully transferred to your PayPal account.

It sounds like you’re really fascinated with this subject. Would you be interested in reading about more than abandoned bunkers? Here are a few other resources you might enjoy:

Your trip to the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker has been confirmed. We’re working on the final details for your trip, so watch out for the email with the information you need.

We hope you enjoy your War time adventure discovering more than 5 abandoned bunkers that you’ll find during your trip. We’re having a little fun with our logo as well!

So sorry for the mistaken order. Our records show that you have successfully purchased the Cold War Nuclear Bunker guide. If you have any questions please send us an email at the address in the signature.

Thank you for visiting Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers. We hope you enjoyed your visit and thank you for your interest.

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