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World War 2 bunkers hidden under Europe

Many of the bunkers used by Nazi soldiers can be found in Poland.


Thank you for contacting us about your idea. We can get you a fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War bunker for your next big getaway. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your interest in our photographic tour of abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites! We’re glad you’re coming on this trip with us. We are just beginning work on this project, so if you have any recommendations, go ahead and reach out to us via the email in the signature or on our website. Update us on your next steps, and don’t forget to hit reply to this email if

Thanks for signing up for the Urban Explorers Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker! The experience will be delivered using the highly-regarded VR-player discovered through the AERISM app. You can find more info via this link. To view the experience, please generate a QR code below and scan it with your device to receive the download link.

You’ve been selected for the exclusive opportunity to travel through the Abandoned World War II Bunker, where history and imagination meets! We hope you enjoy your journey.

So you want to take a photo tour of abandoned military bunkers from the Cold War? Sure, send me an email and we’ll create a custom package just for you.

Congratulations, you’ve won the sub-ticket to the “Urban Explorers Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker” event. Please review below for more details about the ticket. Thanks for your participation!

We’re feeling a bit sad that you don’t remember the bunker since it’s not around anymore. We hope that you’ve enjoyed our images and that we can continue dreaming of a brighter future together.

*Bunker Concepts* Payment completed. Your order No. is H3-74. Our team will proceed with evacuation and installation of equipment.

Congratulations on your reservation for the “Urban Explorers: Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker” in Prague. Please log in to your My Account to check the status of your reservation.

We are excited to send you your photographic tour of abandoned Cold War bunker sites. When you receive your email, print the images and memories of these sites.

I just received confirmation that your subscription to the Cold War Bunker Tour has been purchased. The first month of your subscription starts today – right now!

Thank you for your image upload into the “World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets” folder. We apologize that your images did not come out as you expected.

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Thank you for your purchase. There is a limited number of bunkers that exist. The last few are where we ship to, but it can take up to six months for an order to be built to your spec from the ground up.

Rrdlvmi says :
Please note that your information is featured in the article on the Urban Explorers discovery of the WWII bunker in London.

Thank you for your purchase! Your nuclear bunkers are now available for exploration. Each bunker comes to you with an informational introduction and interactive map. I hope you enjoy exploring.

Thanks for your email. We’re sorry to say but images show World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets.

Please contact your sales representative for your bunker protection order. We will be in contact with you soon.

Thank you for your submission. We hope you like what we found at the Bunker and the process of exploring the site. We’ve created a project and we wanted to send you a note on the progress.

Your order of a photographic tour of abandoned Cold War bunker sites has been placed. It’s a product you’ll enjoy getting your hands on. Once it arrives, we’ll send you a note with a tracking number to let you know it’s on the way.

The date and time we planned for you to explore the abandoned World War II bunker has been changed to Sat 06/03/2016 5:30pm. Please arrive at the crack of dawn, the abandoned bunker isn’t visible in the day!

Thank you for your interest. You can find more information about these Doomsday bunkers in New Zealand here. If you would like to set up an appointment to view this property please hit reply.

Thank you for your order. Your bunker has been constructed and is ready for your weapons. Many soldiers reside in the bunker and we hope you and your family stay safe and secure.

Thank you for your order and interest in haunted WWII bunkers. Your purchase will be shipped to you after we receive your payment. We’re excited to see you in the haunted world of the bunkers soon.

Hi there! We’re so happy to hear that you’re interested in exploring the abandoned nuclear bunker. We’re sending you an email with all the details.

Your nuclear bunker booking is confirmed for this winter. Please give us a call to book your private tour today for this winter!

Thank you for your interest in Nuclear Bunkers. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Please feel free to reach out to me about any questions or concerns. Have a nice day.

Your booking for your journey to abandoned world war II bunker has been confirmed. You can find your Rail Pass and pre-purchased tickets for this day at the email address you supplied. We’ll update you on your Rail Passes and ticket details as soon as we can. Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey!

Thank you for your order! We hope you enjoy your exclusive A Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites brochure, passport, and map in your email inbox.

Thank you for signing up for the Urban Explorers Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker. We will process your reservation for this event. If you had any questions, please contact us at email in the signature or reply to this email, we will be happy to help!

Wow!  Thanks for your interest in my new book, World War II Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers. I’m glad you received the email. Please be sure to let me know your thoughts on the book. Working on the sequel ?

All right, we’ve received your request to explore the World War II bunkers at King’s Cross. Here’s a little something to make sure you don’t forget: these bunkers weren’t put there for looks, they were meant to protect the people during war. It’s best to stay safe and avoid unnecessary risks.

Thank you. The military places particularly underground bunker were a common thing during World War 2 for secrecy as well as for protection.

The bunker you selected, Haverhill Victory Great War Bunker, has been secured for your protection. Any inquiries can be sent to our customer service team.

Your area of concern is long-abandoned Cold War & WW2 nuclear bunkers, which we cannot give out information about, sorry.

Great! Your bunker is reserved. Please be on the lookout for your security deposit at your door tomorrow morning.

I’ve reviewed your comments, and I believe the bunker would make the perfect place for our next vacation. Looks like you’re down with two days minimum. Let me know what you think, and I’ll let you know what’s up by the weekend. Thanks again for your response.

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