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Abandoned Places | Urban Exploration

*Wander among the ruins of an abandoned southern sugar mill*Explore the abandoned Bucharest railway station.


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Thank you for your order! Your explorations of abandoned and lost places around Europe will begin shortly. Remember to take tours with local experts and be careful on your journeys.

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Urbex, or Urban Exploring, along with its cousin Infiltration, is the exploration of abandoned and off-limits urban locations.

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We’re excited to hear about your interest in exploring abandoned and forgotten places around Europe! Since taking on this interest of exploration, you’ve asked us the following questions:

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I’m happy to hear that you’re excited about travelling to Europe and want to explore some abandoned and disused asylums and hospitals. I’ve compiled a list of 20 different spooky abandoned asylums and hospitals from around the UK, Europe and the World. One will be given away to one lucky customer on October 31st! Click the link below to find out more about the giveaway.

Thank you for visiting our site! We’re really humbled and honored that you want to explore abandoned places and urban exploration. We’re excited about it and we know the feeling! If you need any assistance or have any questions, please get in touch with us at Our team is happy to help.

Abandoned places are exciting locations to explore for urban explorers. Other terms for urban exploration include dereliction, urban exploration, urban scavenger, or urban spelunking.

Thank you for joining us! Your membership has started today. Once your membership starts, you will be subscribed to the For the Explore website. From here, you can explore more than 1000s of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration photos, articles, videos, and more.

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UrbEx tours are an exploration of abandoned and derelict places that were once ordinary and beautiful. These places that for one reason or another no longer function, generate memories and respite. Your confirmation email will be downloaded by your mobile device and will contain all relevant information on the tour and on how to use it.

Our trip has been successfully booked. Your first step is to review our itinerary. On this document, you’ll also find the best tips to explore the abandoned and lost places. You can also download our digital tour guide to prepare for your adventure.

Thank you for exploring the abandoned and lost places around Europe. Please dnt forget to dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv d

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What a cool experience you’ll have exploring this old mill! We hope you have a perfect time exploring this abandoned building.

Thank you for watching the video about Urban exploration. Your trip was a success. If you’re ever in doubt whether a site is abandoned or not, remember that extreme curiosity is a common trait among Urban explorers.

Thanks! Your abandoned buildings pass is on it’s way. Please allow for 3 to 5 business days for delivery.

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. This is a curated list of the best urbex locations in Europe. Each location page contains photos, videos, background history, and contact information. You can explore this list another time by clicking here.

Thanks for your interest in abandoned buildings, bunkers, or underground locations. Please email us at if you would like to participate in the next batch.

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Don’t forget to bring some sunscreen! You’ve just booked an urban exploration activity at some abandoned locations. Our team will be with you the whole time and we’re proud of our success rate. Please email your once-in-a-lifetime experience to a friend.

That’s what we like to call it… Urban exploration. Don’t forget to share your photos of the abandoned wonder of the world with the world. We hope you had a blast exploring these structures with your friends.

Hi there, you’ve been tagged as a Urban Explorer. We love seeing these changes from those of us common folk. To give you a little history on the term, Urban Exploration is a subculture of explorers who explore abandoned or under-developed places, often to extract historical or cultural artifacts. More information on this may be found on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sorry I missed you :(. I was caught up on some work. I look forward to exploring some abandoned places with you soon.

Thank you for choosing to explore abandoned and lost places. We all hope you had fun and learned about urbex sites around Europe. Remember to explore abandoned places responsibly.

Would you be interested in traveling the world exploring abandoned and lost places? Visit our website to explore our list of abandoned places. We hope you explore Europe soon!

We’re thrilled that you’re interested in urbex and at exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. We’ve got some scholarship opportunities for you, just check out the scholarship page for more info.

Thanks for supporting the abandoned places in our world.

I’m so glad to meet you. It sounds like you’re just as excited about the abandoned places as I am. However, dangerous places can become dangerous quickly, so remember that urban exploration is not something you want to take risks on.

Thank you for joining the Explore. Urbex group and Exploring Europe club! We hope you enjoy learning more about Europe’s abandoned and lost places and the history that surrounds them. We will be sending you our next guide and offer other exclusive journey opportunities as well as promotions and events.

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Here are some tips on exploring abandoned and lost places! What you need to know: –               

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