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Bunkers are being used for public safety

What if you could explore an abandoned bunker with zero people?.


Thanks for visiting the nuclear bunkers in the Cold War & WW2 Places tour. Your submission has been recorded, but has not been verified for safety clearance. If you have questions about safety, please contact us via the email in the signature or click “reply to this email.”

You’re in! You’ve found an abandoned Cold War bunker in Russia and received the full support and resources of our all inclusive tour to explore it. Your photo album is now in your account and we’re compiling your pictures for the final report and slideshow.

You have been brought into a door that has been left open, but you must always stay on the path. You have been brought to a secure bunker as seen in this picture.

I’m happy that you’re interested in learning about Cold War Bunker Sites. I promise you’ll hear even more about this project, and hear about it soon.

Your Cold War Nuclear Bunker Abandonment has been successfully submitted. You can find your Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker in the map below.

You were accepted into a group to go into a World War II bunker in Canada. We’ll notify you when to meet up for your adventure.

Thank you for signing up for an Urban Explorers Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker tour. We are currently working to get you on your first tour. If you ever need anything, please contact our concierge team.

Thank you for your purchase! Your deposit on the Urban Explorer’s Discover Channel on Amazon Prime is completely refunded. We expect to begin filming the next open for business session of the abandoned World War II bunker as soon as we can get enough volunteers for this very secretive project.

Your tickets are now confirmed. We hope you enjoy your trip to the abandoned world war II bunker.

I’m so glad you found A Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites. Your membership is about to start. We’ll be in touch to help you get everything set up.

Manhatten Project Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers

You’re about to embark on a journey of a lifetime. For more information on what this bunker may have to offer, please proceed with e-mailing us at

We noticed you are interested in World War II Abandoned Places. We think this is an excellent topic, but wanted you to know that there are more than bunkers.

Your session has been established in the Bunker. Here’s a list of all the packs in the Bunker:

Thank you for your order. The bunker has been fully stocked and is waiting for you. You’ll find all the tools needed to play your role. If you need further support, please contact us.

Etixodbo says :
Here are some interesting images that are part of WW2 bunkers that are being filled in by cities around Western Europe. Let us know if you have any others to share.

You are now on your way to an abandoned WWII bunker. You are part of a group of urban explorers with the power to slow down time. To catch your breath, jump into the bunker. To speed up time, jump into the bunker.

Your request to visit the Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers is now on our list of wish list. You can find the list on the profile page under the “Not planning a trip now” section. If you’re interested, you can update this list as you think of new places.

Thank you for your interest in exploring this awesome abandoned bunker. You can now check out this awesome, fully stocked bunker. Just follow the link below to learn more about this awesome, fully stocked abandoned Soviet bunker.

Astonishing photographs of lost and forgotten bunkers after World War II!

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, the portal to the abandoned cold war nuclear bunker is Private. Please hit “Remove” below to cancel your booking.

You’ve passed the photos of the fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker. The meeting details were changed so be on the lookout for them soon. We hope to hear from you soon.

Would you be interested in purchasing our book, Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers? If the answer is yes, please place your order now.

Haunting images of Abandoned WWII bunkers

Thank you for purchasing a photographic tour of abandoned Cold War bunkers. Your tour is now being prepared for shipment. Expect it within the next few days.

Here’s some photos we found of World War II bunkers located under some European streets.

We received your order confirmation for the UrbanExplorers: Discover Abandoned World War II Bunker trip. Here’s a quick recap of what we laid out:

I hope you enjoy these pictures of WWII bunkers turned into haunted houses. Please feel free to share them.

We have received your request to send you more information about the Cold War & WW2 Nuclear Bunker. We are still in the process of getting more information for you. So please check back soon.

We hope you had a fun day with these abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers. A copy of the list of all the things to do in this place is attached below. These are not ranked in order – they are all free to explore at your own discretion.

Welcome to the fully stocked abandoned Soviet bunker. We hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for visiting our site. We’re pleased you’re considering your visit to Russia to visit one of our Nuclear Bunkers. We hope you’ll enjoy your visit. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need ideas, visit our site or give us a call!

Awesome! We have been alerted of the possibility of a fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker location being found so we’d better get prepared.

Thank you for your interest in our urban exploration property in the cold war nuclear bunker in Russia. Unfortunately, your inquiry is no longer in the system. If you would like to be contacted when the property becomes available again, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your order is 12m for the fully stocked abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker in the Urbex category. Thank you, _______!

We’ve received your request, but our restrictions of the Urban Site of the Week policy prohibit us from showing you any pics or videos of the bunker, so unfortunately, your request will not be able to be confirmed.

We hope you enjoy your first trip to the abandoned World War II bunker. Here’s a few pictures we snapped:

Thank you for your interest in the Soviet era Cold War era Bunker, abandoned since the end of the Cold War in 1989. Your request was received. You can find info about accessing the bunker via the links below.

We have great news! You’ll get instant access to a Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites on your computer. Would you like us to send your tour to your email? Simply click on the text below to gain access.

Your order for a Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites has been accepted for processing, and will be sent to the billing address on file.

Your photo tour is now available! You can access it on our website by clicking on “A Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites.”

Have you ever explored the abandoned Soviet Cold War Bunker? You can take this opportunity now with us. Go in and explore the well-supplied bunker. If you have any questions about the bunker, please contact us in the email. Let’s have a great time in the bunker!

I want to explore the abandoned Cold war nuclear bunker in St. Petersburg, but I can’t do it alone. Can you participate in this group tour with me on the 2nd of September?

Yxinbefy says :
Congratulations! Your ticket request for the Urban Explorers has been accepted and you’re all set for your adventure. The adventure starts on Monday December 14 at 9am and will include a 360 degree tour, some free time to explore the surrounding area, lunch and entry to the bunker.

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