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History of Abandoned Places

Explore and search through abandoned places, weird and forgotten buildings, early 20th century modernist architecture, and urban exploration.


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Urbexing is the exploration of abandoned and off-limits urban locations typically through a building’s interior or, for more extreme activities, an entire city block.

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Congratulations! You’ve been invited to explore the photo and history of Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration. Learn about places with a rich narrative about the struggles of the people who lived there and the efforts they made to improve their lives. Start exploring!

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Urban exploration is a broad term for the study of the abandoned and forgotten world, including the exploration of derelict buildings and structures, abandoned settlements, repurposed materials and assets, and abandoned aerospace craft. Free your mind and explore the world around you.

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[Wikipedia 1, 2, 3] or simply in a given local slang, urban explorer. From the developed world, the term “urban exploration” is most widely used and has over the past few years become somewhat of a “cool” hobby. The hobby involves exploring the city by its hidden or abandoned places, while in many cases, the experience reveals the hidden beauty of a location that then helps

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That just sounds cool! Please continue to explore abandoned places.

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