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Stunning images of bunkers, forgotten by society.

What if you had the chance to go inside one of these bunkers?.

Atlantikwall Regelbau S174 - Heavy Ammunition depot Bunker for 38/40,6cm battery


Manhatten Project Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers

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For an abandoned nuclear bunker, the interior is surprisingly neat. The fluorescent lights remain on, and you feel like you’re in a museum. The walls are padded with styrofoam.

Receive digital access to this beautiful book of photographs that explore the haunting beauty of abandoned WWII bunkers.

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Images show World War 2 bunkers lie abandoned under Europe streets.

Qzyzxyl says :
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As seen in the photo, the bunkers were built in the World War 2. The story behind these bunkers is left unanswered.

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Here’s some photos we found of World War II bunkers located under some European streets.

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