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Explore abandoned structures or hidden components

The city becomes alive at night, but exploring it can be an infinite journey. At night, abandoned places are the perfect settings to explore. Discover the constant power of the city at night, when people are sleeping or otherwise occupied. The city continues to go about its normal routine, but for the urban explorer, the city is where all the action is.


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public parks, construction sites, abandoned buildings, and other areas designated off-limits to the general public. Urban exploration might include trespassing, vandalism, sabotage, theft, and fraud, which could include fraudulent tape-recorded conversations, confidential information, illicit photographs or videos, or even fraudulently copied or reproduced copyrighted materials.

Awesome! You are now one of our first explorers. We’re on the hunt for disused & abandoned asylums, hospitals, underground bunkers, military sites & cold war era relics. We want to unlock their history. Want to join us?

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It’s a another abandoned building, in a larger city in a different country in a country different from yours in a country different from theirs in a country different from theirs in a country different from theirs in a country different from theirs in a country different from theirs in a country different from theirs in a country different from theirs in a country different from theirs in a country different from theirs in a country different from

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You have been invited to view photos from an Abandoned Places site in the Geocache universe. Please confirm your interest before visiting.

Thanks for your interest in abandoned buildings, bunkers & underground locations. We focus on preservation and appreciation for building structures.

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