Soviet Cold War Bunker

Comments Tommy Mendoza says : You’d like to explore the famous World War II bunker in Portland Oregon. Your tour will begin in Portland Oregon on the date in the confirmation email. Georgia Mcalpine πŸ–– says : Your interesting in Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers? Your order confirmation is below. Please feel free toContinue reading “Soviet Cold War Bunker”

Russian abandoned nuclear bunker.

Comments Leatha Considine says : Would you like to find out more about Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites while enjoying your photographic tour? Please click on the link below to learn more. Jessie Aucoin says : Thank you for visiting Haunting Images of Abandoned WWII bunkers. Please allow 24 hours for us to save yourContinue reading “Russian abandoned nuclear bunker.”

Cold War bunker sites in Europe

Comments flatleymaeve says : Your reservation to explore abandoned nuclear bunkers in the Cold War & WW2 places is confirmed! Wmuegon says : Abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers is now open for online booking. We have a limited number of rooms available to book, so hurry up and book your stay. πŸ“ΈContinue reading “Cold War bunker sites in Europe”

Explore a history of a WWII bunker

Comments Loretta Patton says : Thank you for your interest in nuclear bunkers! Thank you for your email message. We are unfortunately not open to the public, but check out our other listings on our website at Nuclear Bunkers. Jesse Caudillo says : I like your beautiful pics of these haunting images of abandoned WWIIContinue reading “Explore a history of a WWII bunker”

We take you to abandoned places around the globe

Comments Prof Grayce 🏚 says : Your purchase of Urban Exploration has been confirmed! Experience the amazing beauty of the world and find yourself in the shadow of the great ruins and abandoned cities. Tammie Carrasco says : This Saturday, we’re having a discussion about the city as a place of exploration, using the abandonedContinue reading “We take you to abandoned places around the globe”

Get yourself a bunker today

Comments Sean Curly says : We hope you decide to explore more than just some bunkers! Let us know your thoughts on the subject! πŸ…ΌπŸ†‚ πŸ…ΌπŸ…°πŸ†πŸ…ΈπŸ…°πŸ…· says : Thank you for your images of the World War 2 bunkers. May we please have your name and email address? We would like to contact you forContinue reading “Get yourself a bunker today”

Explore Abandoned Places w/ AbandonedNYC

Comments Dr Judson says : Great! This means that you are interested in exploring buildings or structures that have been abandoned and forgotten. You can still learn more about this in our blog post about Urban Exploration. Sabrina Lear says : Hey, thanks for signing up for Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. We’reContinue reading “Explore Abandoned Places w/ AbandonedNYC”

Abandoned cold war bunker, urban exploration

Comments π•žπ•’π•˜π•˜π•šπ• π•”π•’π•£π• π•π•ͺπ•Ÿ says : Did you enjoy the blog post about the abandoned Cold War nuclear bunker? We think we captured it pretty well, we’re looking for more urban explorers to help us take it to the next level and document the lives of the inhabitants. What was your favorite part about the blog post?Continue reading “Abandoned cold war bunker, urban exploration”

Get the best photos of abandoned and lost places

Comments πŸ˜‰ Danielle Peyton πŸ˜‰ says : Your abandoned places experience is pending and we will sent you an email as soon as we’ve finalized your package. πŸ˜‚ Mark Chaisson πŸ˜‚ says : Hey welcome to our site, welcome to your passion. You’ve just joined our blog to check out the best urbex sites aroundContinue reading “Get the best photos of abandoned and lost places”

Find abandoned and lost spots around Europe.

Comments matildestracke says : I just placed a call with a friend about a hidden treasure we’re hoping to find deep in a forgotten town. We’ll be on the lookout for a mysterious piece of architecture or a spooky abandoned building that maybe just a little off the beaten path. Thanks for the idea! reichelevansContinue reading “Find abandoned and lost spots around Europe.”

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