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An Underground Guide to the Abandoned

Post unseen photos of abandoned buildings on your website, then reward participants with rewards for being first to post on their blog an image of an abandoned building.


Thank you for exploring the abandoned and lost places around Europe. Please dnt forget to dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnt dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv dnv d

We have successfully confirmed your purchase of Abandoned Places for Urban Exploration. You can now set your Intrepid Journeys contact details.

I hope you had a great time exploring the abandoned places. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places. We are glad that you are excited about the possibilities of your tour to Europe. This email is just to confirm that your tour is booked. For questions, please contact us.

You’ve made the first step to a healthier you! Thanks for choosing to explore the abandoned places of our earth. We’ll get you started on your new exploration plan. Don’t forget to check back today!

Hi, here’s a quick note from the team at Lost Placez. We hope you enjoy your explorations of abandoned and lost places around Europe. You can also learn more about our unique content and photo-taking services at

Thank you for choosing our service. We hope you enjoy our insight for Abandoned Places and Urban Exploration. Your subscription starts on Jan 2018.

Thanks to your interest in exploring abandoned & disused chapels, this will be our last email. However, if you want to explore dozens of our other abandoned & disused chapels in your region or explore police stations, prisons or churches please join the mailing list on the website. We promise not to spend all your time on emails! πŸ”₯

Confirmation email about Abandoned Places

Hey, there! This is the confirmation email that confirms that you would like to explore abandoned and lost places around Europe. We’re happy that you’ll be exploring with us and we’ll see you soon πŸ‘

Your photo of the abandoned hospital is stunning. Congratulations! You will be contacted shortly for your welcome package details.

Your abandoned places order is ready to be booked. To celebrate this occasion, we’ve got a discounted price for you πŸ˜‰.

Thanks for reaching out to us to see if we can help you find your perfect abandoned asylum! We’ve got you covered. We’ll contact you soon so we can put together your itinerary for your urban adventure.

Urban exploration occurs when people enter non-natural environments in search of urbexing opportunities or thrill, such as abandoned or controlled structures such as factories, power plants, old military bases, and abandoned structures such as previously inhabited houses, or natural sites such as caves, rock-cut tombs, or geological formations.

Hi! This is Phil. You are invited to attend the meeting with subject title”Do you want to explore abandoned places together?”. Your name has been arranged on the list of attendees.

Thank you for joining our urban exploration group! We look forward to exploring abandoned locales with you. Let’s hit the streets soon.

This email confirms your interest in a potential job opportunity involving a history of abandoned, bunkers and underground locations. Please take a few moments to complete this short questionnaire, and if qualified, we’ll contact you shortly.

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You’re welcome to explore the best abandoned and lost places around Europe! Remember that we’re always on the lookout for the most interesting new (and old) urban explorers.

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe with us! We look forward to having you join our explorer team. The first step is to confirm your payment. Your link to our payment portal is below. Good luck on your trip!

Thank you for your order. Urban exploration is the exploration of buildings or structures that have been abandoned and forgotten. No two urban explorers share the same experience and it can be a life changing undertaking. It’s best to use your imagination and the resources available to you before embarking on your journey. Our site offers advice and encouragement about this fascinatingly appealing and risky endeavor.

Thank you for your visit to explore abandoned places. Your admission has been successfully confirmed. Come explore abandoned buildings, galleries, and warehouses.

Thank you for your order! Your explorations of abandoned and lost places around Europe will begin shortly. Remember to take tours with local experts and be careful on your journeys.

That’s what we like to call it… Urban exploration. Don’t forget to share your photos of the abandoned wonder of the world with the world. We hope you had a blast exploring these structures with your friends.

We hope you enjoy exploring abandoned and lost places! Our first stop is Europe. We’ll send more information soon about the best abandoned and lost places to travel and explore.

Sorry I missed you :(. I was caught up on some work. I look forward to exploring some abandoned places with you soon.

Looks like you’re about to explore the dead city of Detroit! You will explore abandoned properties and search for hidden clues. Please send us all the information you find about this place – we want it to be as accurate as possible.

Your new photo collection of abandoned places is now complete. Thank you for exploring the world of urban exploration. It’s truly an amazing time to be alive.

I want to embark on a new kind of explorationβ€”urban exploration. I am interested in exploring abandoned buildings on my own, on foot. I also want to know what it’s like on the other side, the perspective of the owner of the building. I would like to do this on my own. Does this fit your mission?

You can now find abandoned places that we haven’t posted on our website. You can find them on the new abandoned places page.

Our trip has been successfully booked. Your first step is to review our itinerary. On this document, you’ll also find the best tips to explore the abandoned and lost places. You can also download our digital tour guide to prepare for your adventure.

The nature of urban exploration consists of searches of structures for personal or academic reasons. Sites are most dangerous when they pose a threat to life. Urban explorers are not trespassing when they enter abandoned or dangerous structures.

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