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Take a peek at these abandoned places

Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. View the best urbex locations and read about its history.


You and 2-3 others will explore abandoned buildings in the following cities: Berlin, Leeds, London, Manchester and Madrid. We’ll also host a London group trip.

Sorry, we can’t support your quest for abandoned places right now. Thank you for your passion for exploration though!

Thank you for your order today. Let’s work together and discover the abandoned future!

This email confirms that you would like to explore the abandoned area. Urban exploration is the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned ruins or hidden components of the manmade environment.

Hope you’re exploring abandoned places soon! The first step towards becoming an urban explorer is signing up for the NewUrbanExplorers Club. If you decide you want to explore abandoned places, you can contact them via the contact form on the contact page.

Your streetscapes will be waiting for you at the abandoned places of your choice! You are not aloneโ€”just get in touch with us at

Thank you for your purchase. You are now too excited to explore abandoned places. No worries, it’s cooling down soon here in the tropics. Hit skip read next time you get something.

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It was great exploring the abandoned area with you! Have an adventure next week to something totally different.

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Thank you for joining the Explore. Urbex group and Exploring Europe club! We hope you enjoy learning more about Europe’s abandoned and lost places and the history that surrounds them. We will be sending you our next guide and offer other exclusive journey opportunities as well as promotions and events.

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Thanks for taking the time to fill out our form. We’re thrilled to hear all the things you love about abandoned buildings, and we’ll be in touch soon.

What do you think? Tons of abandoned, decaying city parks are waiting for your adventure with us! Check out our urban exploration site at

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. It’s been great meeting with you and seeing your interest in urbexing. Here is a summary of the best spots to explore:

We’re glad you’ve found us! You just subscribed to our site and we will be sending you interesting articles and articles about abandoned and lost places in Europe in the near future. The best urbex locations and its history in the entire world in the best locations in Europe in the near future.

As you browse through our websites, you will be able to experience places that are thought to be forgotten. Take this opportunity to explore abandoned places in different countries, find declassified derelict sites in the US, Russia, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, Peru, Austria, Australia, Europe, the Czech Republic, the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Japan, Brazil

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We’ve got you covered. You can explore abandoned places with other people from all over the world. And, explore no more ๐Ÿ˜€

Congratulations on your payment! Your booking is confirmed and can’t be altered. Please check your email for resources to explore abandoned and lost places.

Thank you for signing up for your Urban Exploring Session. Remember to keep in mind that you’re exploring an abandoned locationโ€”infiltration is illegal in some areas. Please consider the environment while you explore!

We have been working on the best options for the abandoned buildings in your project. Please keep in touch!

Would you like to explore an abandoned building with us? Let us know and we’ll go to the site and coordinate with you. We’ll also send an email with a map and details about the building and how to access it.

Thanks for reaching out to us to see if we can help you find your perfect abandoned asylum! We’ve got you covered. We’ll contact you soon so we can put together your itinerary for your urban adventure.

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Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. Explore any abandoned or abandoned places anywhere else in the world, right from your computer. There’s a link to the guide here as well as an option to explore other areas as well as guidebooks as well. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to explore any lost places.

This is a confirmation email. We hope you’ll enjoy exploring the abandoned and lost places around Europe.

This is a confirmation for a reservation at a wicked abandoned building. Your tour starts at 8pm GMT on Thursday, March 3rd. Please arrive on time.

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Thank you for your interest in this Exploring abandoned and lost places. We’ve received your request and we will contact you with additional information soon.

Thank you for signing up for the U.A.E. Kick-off tour! Your email confirmation has been sent to you. Sign up for the August tour to explore the photos and the history of the different abandoned places and urban explorationโ€”just click here to see the list of accepted tours and the timeline.

Thank you for your interest in Urbex. It was great to meet with you today. We hope you you’re able to explore some abandoned sites with friends soon. If you have any questions about public urbex sites, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your abandoned places adventure is now confirmed for next Wednesday. Don’t forget to send a selfie to our email at the end of the excursion.

Thank you for choosing to explore abandoned asylums. The asylums that we visit are very dangerous and difficult to find, so please be sure that you have the proper equipment and safety knowledge before visiting.

Thank you for subscribing to the Abandoned Places newsletter! Some cool things in the news:

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