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Ghostly Haunts of WWII bunkers

Explore more than bunkers with World War II Abandoned Places. See vintage military bases, abandoned cities, ghostly ships, and more for a Penny.
Atlantikwall Regelbau 639 - Sanitary Bunker, Hospital Bunker, Medical Bunker From World War 2


Etixodbo says :
A truly amazing experience awaits you with Urban Explorers! We can hardly believe you’re just waiting for us to open the door to this abandoned World War II bunker. We will be looking for you on the west side of the building near the entrance during our meeting time.

Photos from before the war show the bunkers that were used as shelters for soldiers of World War 2 under the streets of Europe.

Thank you for your purchase. We’ll get in touch soon to confirm your visit and confirm your admission. The bunker is fully stocked and ready to serve all your needs.

Wow, you love your horror stories! You are now subscribed to our “Photographic Tour of Abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites”.

Well done! Your visit to the bunker is confirmed and we look forward to seeing you in the next few days. We’re glad this place has been left with all the supplies we need to get by. For more places like this, check out our Facebook group.

Send your email below to get more information on the photographic tour of abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites in Eastern Europe.

Dragon Head, please complete your purchase of the Urban Exploration Cold War bunker! The fee has been paid and your account is confirmed. To be granted access to this purchase, please email

Hi, thank you for your order on tour of abandoned bunker sites. As soon as the weather improves, we’ll send you the first website link with some cool pics to check out.

We were really looking forward to exploring the Cold War nuclear bunker this weekend, but we’re stuck in traffic. Let’s get an adventure together sometime this summer.

Your bunker has been purchased.

Your print is on its way! You can expect to receive it in the next 2-6 days and we’ll notify you at that time. Thank you for ordering a photographic tour of abandoned Cold War Bunker Sites. Have a great day!

You just saved $100. Photographing WWII bunkers in Europe poses a large security risk and we’re happy that you weren’t distracted by it. Thank you for not purchasing this photo!

Would you like to purchase this abandoned nuclear bunker? It’s in a cool part of town and perfect for housing your organization’s secret base.

Let’s go on an adventure at the abandoned WWII bunker in Toronto!

Thanks for your interest in exploring the abandoned Cold War bunker. Unfortunately this listing is no longer available, but we hope you enjoyed the time you spent exploring this unique site.

Thank you for your order. We will take you into consideration for bunker construction during the coming military sale. Be sure to take a look!

Thank you for your reservation! You can find our reviews of this abandoned WWII bunker on our website. We hope you enjoy exploring the bunker with Urban Explorers.

The nuclear bunker has been abandoned for decades. Since WW2, this abandoned urban exploration site has been sealed. With the Cold War long forgotten, the whole site is currently unprotected. Beyond the inaccessible entrance, the military-laced hush-hush site is mostly intact, thus giving explorers an expansive view of militarism during the Cold War.

Here is a quick preview from photographer Danita Delimont of her upcoming book. It’s a photo tour of abandoned Cold War bunker sites that will be available soon on Amazon. In the meantime, purchase a copy of Danita’s other book, “Rivers of Landscape,” on McSweeney’s website.

You have successfully booked the Urban adventure, the Abandoned World War II Bunker. They will contact you directly about all the details.

We’d like to invite you to explore an abandoned WWII bunker, Europe’s only underground resistance shelter, during the fall 2016. War has left behind amazing stories to be discovered.

I just received confirmation that your subscription to the Cold War Bunker Tour has been purchased. The first month of your subscription starts today – right now!

While we have nothing in store at the moment, you might check out this site for more information about abandoned nuclear bunkers in the city.

Thank you for your order for underground bunker. Your order has been submitted to our warehouse. We look forward to your checkout confirmation.

Avoygmed says :
Each abandoned bunker is different in size with their own unique history, so please select your location to find the tour you’re looking for.

Thank you for your interest! We’ve received your email regarding the Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker. Your message has been forwarded to the right owner.

Thanks for your email. We’re sorry to say but images show World War 2 bunkers lying abandoned under Europe Streets.

Thank you for exploring our abandoned nuclear bunker! When we decided to sell our space, we packed everything and turned off the power in the hope it would be a turning point and bring in serious and dedicated explorers and tourist. Unsurprisingly, we’ve received none to date. Completely abandoned and dark, we leave it be.

Your Nuclear Bunker Location is confirmed. Check the box for the specific date you want to visit the Nuclear Bunker. We’ll send you information on tour day. If you have any questions, please hit reply to this email.

“Hi, very exciting meeting you today. This will be the first disclosure to the world of this old underground Cold War-era bunker. We can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Your bunker is now on its way! It should be there on Friday. Please remember to unpack the bunker carefully, the bunker is filled with ammunition, some on remaining extremely dangerous.

The Cold War Museum in Berlin has an exciting new exhibition for you! It includes, among other forgotten Cold War relics, roughly 200 decommissioned bunkers, many of which are located in Berlin’s city center.

World War II Abandoned Places explores more than bunkers. Our guide is intended to give you a better understanding of how bunkers have evolved through the years.

Thank you for visiting us! A reminder of our journey, we have a photo contest going on at our website. Help us celebrate what the bunkers looked like 60 years ago.

On Monday, we published a story on our website about a warehouse full of World War 2 bunkers found in downtown Rome. We found these decaying bunkers to be a little creepy, and we hope that you, the reader, found them that way too.

Your abandoned Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers purchase has been confirmed. With your purchase, you have access to 10 Cold War & WW2 Places: Nuclear Bunkers.

You’ve successfully booked your urban exploration of abandoned cold war nuclear bunker. Please provide your name for liability for this journey of discovery. Your situation is such that we recommend you take all required safety equipment (self rescue, first aid, etc). We’ll be waiting for you at the church.

Dr Halie says :
Congrats! You’ve found an abandoned cold war nuclear bunker, ikea! ikea was abandoned when the Soviet Union fell, and after that it became one of those beautiful viral memes that we’ll always need.

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