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Explore the history of abandoned spaces

Imagine a world where people could make a living by roaming around abandoned structures in a way that they could in a natural, untouched environment.


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Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. To learn more about the best urbex locations and history of these places, visit this link below:

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Urban exploration is the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned ruins or hidden components of the manmade environment. You are now subscribed to urban exploration updates.

Yeah, it sounds intense. But whether you are exploring for abandoned buildings, infrastructure, or forgotten places, urbexing teaches you skills you can use in your day-to-day life.

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Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe has never been easier. From abandoned castles to forgotten churches, your guide to exploring these forgotten places will put you in charge of the history. Don’t worry, be prepared for no electricity, scarce running water, and scarce food since you’ll be exploring abandoned buildings that are decades old. Download the mobile app today to be able to explore the best urbex

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Would you like to see abandoned penthouses around the globe? You can work on your own time or join our live study trips, where we offer workshops and lectures about the history of Urban Exploration. For more information, visit our website any time at

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Every adventure begins somewhere and Urbex begins with the discovery of the urban exploration. Whether you’re just exploring new places on your city’s abandoned rooftops, getting caught exploring the forgotten of a warehouse, or camping in the undeveloped spaces of a wilderness area, we’re excited for you.

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You should also know that entering abandoned locations is against United States law. Staying at hotels is the safest option.

Your 3-Day Pass for the event is on the way! Please note that all tickets for this event must be claimed onsite at the third annual Abandoned Places Combine in Miami on November. Thank you for your purchase.

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Your trip sounds like a blast! We’ll be waiting for your picture once you arrive to explore the abandoned palace.

Thank you for your interest in exploring abandoned and lost places across Europe. You’ll be able to view some of the best locations near you and read about their history. Sign up for free today to learn more!

What are your thoughts on abandoned places? Do you think they are exciting locations for the urban explorer?

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